Looking for trade partners for ebike motor repairs

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Oct 3, 2018
Performance Line Bearings are looking for partners world wide to help supply a much needed service for customers with ebike motors without warranty.

As you’re probably aware, many ebike motors are now coming to the end or already out of warranty. We are offering a solution for your customers, that maybe a little upset about the cost of forking out for a new / service exchange motor! We can now supply every bearing for the Bosch, Yamaha, Panasonic and soon, Brose motors. Or we can offer a bearing replacement service at trade prices. If you’re interested in offering your customers an alternative to buying a new motor, we can probably help.

You’re probably also aware that some of the bearings are available “off the shelf”. But many of the bearings are not readily available! Like the Bosch crankshaft bearings, Brose motor bearings and Yamaha crankshaft bearings to name a few. We have either had these bearings manufactured, or spent months sourcing them, along with the O-rings and circlips.

If your workshop does not have the tooling and press equipment to change these bearings? We can offer a full replacement service. You can charge your customer to remove and re-fit the motor, then just send it to us. We will overhaul the motor and send it back less 20%. This can normally be done within a day or two at the most.

The cost of overhaul is a little tricky as you can imagine. There’s 10 drive component bearings within the Bosch motors for example and it will normally be unknown which have worn or failed? We have outlined some basic pricing that can be sent to give you an idea. If required? We are happy to remove the right-hand motor cover of any ebike motor that we currently do and contact you with a confirmed price before commencing any further work. At this point you can contact your customer to give the go ahead or not. If the customer declines, we will re-assemble the motor and return it. All your customer will pay is the postage.

We have a trade page on our site for your convenience and will link to your shop if you wish to offer this service. We will be on hand to offer help and support if required? And can also offer an informal in-house training, where we will help you strip and re-bearing the motor or motors of your choice.

We cannot currently repair internal motor gears or printed circuit board failures. Although, these seem to be fairly robust so far. Hopefully this service will be added later.

If you are interested then please visit the trade page or site to contact me.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and don't panic that the site is very Bosch orientated at the moment, new motors, information and parts are going on every week. Time is not my friend at the moment :)