Magnet Position for Hydraulic Brake Sensors


May 12, 2018
Hi Woosh,

Been looking at the best way to fit the hydraulic brake sensors to my brake levers. If I fit the sensor in the position shown in the picture below, can you clarify where I need to mount the small magnet in relation to it?

Or due to the gap between the lever and the housing, would I need a larger magnet? If you have any pictures, that would help.



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May 19, 2012
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install the brake sensor:

1. plug one brake sensor in.
2. switch on the LCD, you should see error 25 shown. Error 25 means brake sensor is activated, the motor power is cut,
3. bring the magnet closer and closer to the sensor head.
When it's close enough, error 25 disappears on the LCD. That mean the motor can receive power again.
You now have a good idea how close it is that you have to keep the magnet not to activate the cut out.
Bring the sensor and magnet to the lever and find a suitable place to stick the sensor.
Repeat steps 1, 2, 3 to find a place where to glue the magnet. Don't glue it yet until you are certain that it will work.
Use araldite or similar glue.
For test, scellotape the magnet then cabletie over.

Like in the picture.
you can ride without the brake sensor but just be careful.

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