Help! Motor running but no power !

Debbie Lomax

Jul 14, 2018
If your controller has the self-learning wires, you have to redo the self-learning procedure until the motor runs forward.

Disconnect the wires and run the motor for a few seconds.
Switch off the bike and disconnect the battery.
Attempt to switch on the display without the battery connected. You might see it flash.
Connect the battery, join the self-learning wires, lift the motor wheel and switch on. You might see the motor turning by itself.
If it starts to turn forward, switch off then disconnect the self-learning wires. Switch on again and it should be OK.
If the motor doesn’t turn by itself, see which way it turns when you throttle or pedal. If it still goes backwards, go back to start and try a few times more until it goes forward.
Thank you. Will give it a go tomorrow, weather permitting.