Removing Intuvia/Installing Purion on my KTM

Barrio Barranco

Esteemed Pedelecer
Nov 24, 2018
Hi Folks,
I've just bought a (1300mm long) Purion display/controller from Winstanley bikes, as I feel that on an E-Mtb the Intuvia is just too big and in a totally inappropriate place despite being referred to as an upgrade from Purion!
Will there be any issues on swapping it over I should know about? I'm thinking of just unplugging the Intuvia and plugging the Purion in before starting to dismantle things to see what happens and if it is working ok?
Am I correct in thinking this unit will have software/firmware (Errr...not an IT specialist lol) and it may be out of date, or will it be programmed with the latest if it is new, out the box(or could it be several years old?)
I checked the bike and at present it says:
Intuvia- V5.8.1.0
DU- V1.8.0.0
Bat- V1.8.0.0
Looking at the Bosch website it seems the DU is now V1.8.3.0... does anyone know what this means and does it matter? Is this to do with the supposed changes to shorter crank lengths and walk assist which has a gradient sensor now (EH?!!)
I also changed from 170mm cranks to 160mm cranks and have had nothing changed in the software?

I don't want to take it to a shop for "updating" as I neither want "eMTB" auto-gearbox installed and I don't want the latest firmware sneaked in as maybe, just maybe in the future when this is relegated to a secondary bike ( and then I own a 12kg Emtb with 3000wh battery!!) and used on the road I may want to derestrict it and I'm sure Bosch dealers will be installing their new dongle proof firmware as matter of course to all bikes brought in!!!