Wisper 705SE - USB Charge

Young Keith

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Sep 29, 2018
Hi all,
i have a wisper 705 SE bought last October 2018, great bike although haven`t been on it this year as yet, i am setting up a portable camera on the rear just in case some mad idot decides to rear end me and scarpers off, am using a Action Camera in a waterproof plastic case, which i have drilled to get the usb cable into charge the camera battery, i know there is usb on my 575 battery at the front but inside the slide shelf of the battery compartment, but how the hell do i connect my camera usb cable to the battery usb switch, is there any way of doing this, it seems pointless to have a battery usb switch on the 575 battery if hidden and you can`t use it, anyone have some idea, as i can`t work it out perhaps i am missing something

kind regards

Keith L