Help! Workstand Spare Rubber Grips Wanted


Sep 22, 2009
I know this is nothing related to electric bikes but thought I'd ask the question anyway.

I have just purchased a second hand work stand for in in conjunction with my old electric bike that I am currently restoring. However, one of the rubber clamp grips (don't know the proper name for these) is missing and wondered if anyone may know where I may obtain some replacements? Unfortunately, I have no idea whatsoever who manufactured this so am at a bit of a loss. All I can say is that they are soft plastic, or maybe rubber, right-angled in shape and push on to the ends of the clamp unit itself. Anyone had a similar issue and may know where I can try? I have attached an image of a similar unit that shows the parts I need.

Bike Stand Clamp.jpg
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Apr 5, 2011
I'd just mould a new set with a tenners worth of Sugru!

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