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‘See and be seen’: Riese & Müller announce additional safety features

Riese and Muller have announced additional safety features for 2019 models, including some models fitted with daytime running, full headlight and rear brakelights to “see and be seen.”

2019 Homage and Delite models will be fitted with ‘main beam’ front lights and rear brakelights, while all e-bike models will be fitted with daytime running front lights.

As well as better illumination in the winter months and poor weather conditions, an integral headlight flash function – part of the light system on the Homage and Delite models – gives riders the option of actively attracting the attention of other road users to their presence. The company say its operation and use are similar to that of a car, with full beam activated at the press of a button fitted directly on the handlebar of the e-bike.

“A high degree of safety and comfort are crucial criteria when it comes to opting for a specific E-Bike. Our technologies are helping riders to feel safe in all weather, at the same time as making use of really relevant safety features. With the addition of main beam and brake light to our Control Technology, we are fitting yet another safety-related technology – features that everyone is familiar with from driving a car. These lights will give riders an E-Bike incorporating even greater active safety in traffic. Combined with the optional Bosch eBike ABS, we currently have some of the safest E-Bikes currently on the market”, explains Markus Riese, founder and Managing Director of Riese & Müller.

The products in question for those who wish to mount them on their bike:



Magura brakes and levers https://www.magura.com/en/components/bike/s-pedelec-brakes/productdetailpage/?p=2594

378 € + 139 € = 517 € in all

Forgot the brake light cable - 29.90 €...
The ultimate guide for those looking for a rear brake light is here:


I will definitely be getting the rear light with brake light from supernova for the trike, it has no equal. But the pricing of the dipping headlight puts it out of reach, I will probably content myself with a 150 lux b+m which also has daytime running lights. A cheaper solution is a second headlight with an on/off switch on the handlebar, two times 80 lux for a total 160 lux on "high beam" comes to about 110 € plus cabling and switch.

Since I have been using daytime running lights on my pedelec, front and rear, I have had far fewer people refusing priority. On the trike the brake light is pretty important because although you are going downhill at car like speeds you have longer braking distance than they do. A brake light will help following drivers to keep their distances when you have to slow down.