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Smartebike crowdfunds street food e-cargo concept

The latest electric cargo prototype being showcased on Indiegogo brings pedal assistance to the world of street food.

Italy’s Smartebike team hope to marry demand for refreshments in pedestrian areas not accessible by motor vehicle with an adjustable photovoltaic panel roof over a fiberglass, insulated body carrying ice cream, beer, coffee and crepes.

The electric ‘foodbike’ project aims to bring improved sustainability to street food vendors whilst opening up location options.

The company have unveiled their working demo on Indiegogo in a bid to raise funds for developing the idea further.

Smartebike told Pedelecs that they wanted to offer “pedal-assisted cycles dedicated to street food, guaranteeing the maximum in terms of sustainability and respect for the environment, thanks to an innovative power supply system with photovoltaic panels.” They add that the “autonomous vehicle allows up to 15 hours of work without an external power connection, with the electric adjustable roof ensuring the safety and hygiene of the worktop”

The team also have plans to bring their ideas to fresh food delivery in the future.