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Wisper 806T folding bike wins Which? ‘Best Buy’

Wisper Electric Bikes, a leading manufacturer of electric bicycles since 2005, has announced their popular Wisper 806T folding electric bike has been honoured with the esteemed “Best Buy” award by Which? Magazine.

David Miall, founder and CEO of Wisper, told Pedelecs: “We’re particularly proud because what sets this achievement apart is the fact that Wisper has been producing the 806T since 2015, cementing its position as a trusted and reliable option for electric bike enthusiasts. The recognition by Which? Magazine further solidifies Wisper’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge and top-performing products to its customers.”

Miall added that Which? Magazine conducted rigorous testing and evaluation of the Wisper 806T folding bike, specifically with the torque power pack. He said: “The results were remarkable, highlighting the bike’s impressive capabilities. The Wisper 806T excelled in tackling steep hills, including gradients as challenging as 25%. Whether starting from a standstill or with a running start, this e-bike effortlessly conquered the terrain. The 806T outshone 14 other folding bikes, from renowned brands such as Halfords, MiRider, and Raleigh; the Wisper 806T has demonstrated its exceptional performance and quality.”

The Which? Awards were launched in 2007, with the independent organisation conducting its own research and testing to reward UK businesses that ‘consistently get it right for their customers’.

Wisper Electric Bikes shared feedback from the testing process with Pedelecs: “Testers praised the smooth and responsive acceleration of the Wisper 806T. The motor adjusted seamlessly to the rider’s pedalling effort, ensuring a balanced and dynamic riding experience. Notably, the bike’s quiet operation and intelligent support tapering, which disengages at 15.5mph, were highly appreciated features.

“In addition to its impressive performance, the Wisper 806T received accolades for its exceptional comfort. Testers commended its sharp brakes, enabling quick and safe stops, as well as its agile handling while cornering and pedalling. The Wisper 806T stood out for its ability to offer a smooth and comfortable ride, even at lower speeds, ensuring a pleasurable cycling experience.”

Miall summed up: “Wisper Electric Bikes takes great pride in this recognition from Which? Magazine. It reflects the brand’s unwavering commitment to producing high-quality electric bicycles that meet and exceed the expectations of riders. With this prestigious “Best Buy” award, Wisper Electric Bikes aims to continue innovating and providing superior products to cater to the diverse needs of cycling enthusiasts.”