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Wisper and Freego electric bikes to join forces

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Wisper and Freego Electric bikes are to join forces in a new venture to be named the Freego Wisper Group or FWG.

Independently, well-known brands Freego and Wisper have been a part of the electric bike revolution for nearly nine years. Working together, FWG will now expand the reach of their combined brands both in the UK and overseas.

The venture will see Wisper’s David Miall and Freego’s John Heath working together as Joint Managing Directors under the Chairmanship of Eric Lane. Meanwhile, Wisper’s Douglas Lawson has decided to pursue other interests.

FWG’s brand line up will now consist of Freego, Wisper, Grace, Riese and Muller, Blue Label and the Birdy folding bike, currently the only non electric bike in their collection.

David Miall told Pedelecs that the company will progress by “expanding their already extensive dealership network… continuing to sell exclusively through stockists in the UK and Ireland. At the same time, Freego’s demo bike leasing scheme and the recent 0% finance deals to the end user will be expanded to include all the bikes in FWG’s range.”

Chairman Eric Lane adds “it was an obvious move to join the two most well known and successful electric bike businesses in the UK. John and David’s skill sets are perfectly matched to make the Freego Wisper Group a force to be reckoned with. As well as our work in the UK and Ireland we will be continuing to expand our export distributorship throughout the world.”