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Ampler challenge: take a 1000 km test ride and get the e-bike free

Ampler have opened up this year’s challenge to the public and are seeking someone to undertake the 500-1000 km “test ride of a lifetime”.  Complete the trip successfully and you get to walk away with the e-bike for free.

To apply, entrants need to select a route up to 1000 km long, select an Ampler bike for the challenge and complete a short overview about yourself and why you’d like to take up the challenge before the deadline of 26th May 2019.  Applicants can enter the challenge here.

The 2019 challenge follows last year’s successful debut, when a Dutchman took 6 days to ride 800Km from Amsterdam to Berlin.

Ampler are using the challenge to highlight the benefits of e-biking and are keen to point out that Alain Buffing’s success last year was “without the rider preparing physically for it beforehand in any special way.”

The company adds that this “showcases that electric bikes take away both physical and mental barriers from cycling – and that anyone can do it.”

Ampler say: “This year’s Ampler Challenge can be proposed by anyone in the public, as long as the route is up to 1000 km long and located in Europe. Ampler provides the rider with a bike, on-the-road accommodation and support. And since it is a test ride, if the rider likes the bike at the end of it, they get to keep it.”