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Car frame around bike highlights ‘road hogging’

European micro-mobility company, Dott, is highlighting how road space could be more efficiently used in London, by switching from cars to cycling.

A one-off demonstration in Hammersmith this week is the firm’s pro-bike message in the run up to World Bicycle Day on 3rd June.

Dott says the ‘thought-provoking on road stunt’ has been carried out this week to ‘highlight to absurdity of single occupancy car journeys’.

Dott riders took to the streets sporting the specially designed car frame to demonstrate that the average sized car occupies space that could otherwise be used by several cyclists.

The company are particularly targeting single person car journeys, saying they are a ‘huge part of the problem,’ increasing both congestion and pollution:

“65% of all trips are single occupancy, meaning a modest switch from car trips to cycling could substantially decrease congestion and provide more efficient travel across the capital. Furthermore, the majority of capital car journeys are easily completed by bike – according to the Mayor of London’s office, two-thirds of London car trips could be cycled in under twenty minutes.”

Dott have recently launched shared use electric bikes in Hammersmith & Fulham, with planned launches in other parts of the city in the near future.

Henri Moissinac, Co-Founder and CEO, said: “Our latest project highlights the absurdity of single drivers hogging the capital’s roads, when other forms of transport are openly available and so much better for both the individual and the community. It’s time we reimagined how we travel across our cities, which is why we’re here to unlock London with clean rides for everyone. “