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E-bike supplies delayed in run up to Christmas

E-Bikes Direct are advising prospective buyers to purchase any electric bike they see in stock now in the light of the “perfect storm” of global supply chain issues and stock being stuck at sea: “If you see a bike in stock you like then purchase now, as if it goes out of stock we can’t guarantee how long it will be until we receive again.”

First the pandemic sparked a cycling boom, then lorry driver shortages and delays at ports have added pressure to meeting that increased demand. Matt Flanagan of E-Bikes Direct told the Metro last month: “There is a perfect storm at the moment, with delays all over the world going right the way through the supply chain. We are affected by component supply shortages, by the space on the ships for the containers and the delays at Felixstowe, with goods having to go back to Rotterdam because they’ve been turned away at the port. Then there’s the major delays in getting haulage drivers to bring us the containers when the ships actually do dock.”

“The wait for a driver can take up to two weeks at the moment and while it’s stuck on the dock it’s us that’s paying for the storage. What makes it even more tricky is that because of the batteries, the e-bikes are considered dangerous goods and the driver needs to have taken an awareness course, which reduces the pool of drivers even further. The shipping time used to take about five weeks but it’s three months from the factory to our warehouse at the moment.”

Speaking to Pedelecs today, Flanagan says the “situation is still very much the same” and although they “have plenty of stock and buy from the UK as well,” there are around 750 e-bikes are still at sea. He has called on the government to provide a proper solution and support for importers.