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    I have..........

    left the building.
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    Medical advice?

    Thanks. Probably not best to ask her at the end of a shift!
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    Medical advice?

    Thanks Allen. It's not in plaster as the fracture was not all the way through the bone, so using a sling and wrist is in a collar. I'm 55 3/4 so not much different. Accident was entirely my own fault, I misjudged the angle going over a low dropped kerb and bike skidded off it.
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    Medical advice?

    Thanks. All advice gratefully received. A good night's sleep would be most welcome!
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    Medical advice?

    I fell off my (non-electric) bike two days ago. Got a fractured radius bone near my elbow and lot of internal soft tissue damage in my wrist, otherwise in one piece. Main problem is the pain from the soft tissue damage. Has anyone had a similar accident? I'm wondering how long the pain is likely...
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    Wedding or Bike Ride???

    Going on a bike ride to get away from the wedding.
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    Panasonic battery production costs to be cut

    Is it too much to hope that this will mean cheaper Panasonic batteries?:rolleyes: Report: Panasonic to increase li-ion battery production in China — Autoblog Green
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    Death by Dangerous Cycling

    I thought this Government were all about cutting red tape and regulation? Why is a Conservative MP even considering introducing yet more regulation? Given that this Government have committed to only introducing more regulation if some other regulation is then repealed I will be interested to...
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    Best wishes to flecc

    Best wishes Flecc. Hope you get well soon.
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    A Merc eBike?!

    Must be our dominant left-wing liberal media shouting down the minority Conservative media.
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    Step Through or Crossbar

    I also believe that is the case and any other design generally requires compromise either in the name of utility or fashion.
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    Government may ban electric bikes

    But fortunately not here: Govt may ban electric bicycles
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    disappointing experiences of local bike shops

    This is worth looking at. I've found it pretty good: Bicycle Tutor - Bike Repair Video Tutorials
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    The Three Laws of Batteries

    This is very interesting: The Three Laws of Batteries (and a Bonus Zeroth Law): Cleantech News and Analysis « I think everyone here will recognize the Zeroth law: 'The performance of any battery will fall (just) short of our expectations irrespective of the complexity of the device it is...
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    The Cyclists (Protective Headgear) Bill In NI

    Update on its progress: Northern Ireland's compulsory helmet Bill appears doomed | | The website for pedal powered people: Road cycling, commuting, leisure cycling and racing. Voted the UK's number 1 cycling website at the 2010 BikeBiz awards.