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    Bike Workstand

    Bought a Lidl stand last year and use it all the time, superb for cleaning/maintenance etc. Yes, balancing can be an issue but mid drive bikes seem far.
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    Bike Workstand

    Oh to be young and indestructible :):)
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    Hailong downtube battery mount. Frame mounting a battery

    While the adapter plate looks like a neat solution, at the end of the day the battery will still be held on by just two bolts at one end which imho is not ideal. Riv nuts are easy to install even without a special tool, just search on utube, and a couple of extra strap are a good idea too. They...
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    New installation of frame mount battery for off road

    My battery had to be underslung on the downtube as rear shock was in the way. I used three riv nuts, two reusable cable ties and two Velcro straps and have had no issues in 1500 miles. There are lots of posts on here too via the search button.
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    Bafang BBS01 conversion

    I recently swapped my original BBS01 for a BBS02 on the mtb. The "pad" under the small motor came off fairly easily, however I may have applied a smear of grease before applying the metal epoxy to enable later removal but cannot recall. The main aim was to give the motor something solid to push...
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    Bafang BBS01 conversion

    In addition to threadlock I used a small "pad" of metal epoxy between the motor body and down tube to take some of the torque reaction and also a little inside the bottom bracket to remove any clearance inside the bottom bracket. This has worked well on a BBS01 and 02.
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    General clothing

    In addition to the above in winter I use a pair of fur lined waterproof Gore-Tex trainers to keep feet warm and dry, like these.
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    Voodoo Aizan 29er with 8FUN?

    A friend of mine recently converted a Voodoo Bizango (with 27.7" wheels) with a BBS01 and had to very lightly "massage" a chain stay as it held the motor away from seating against the bottom bracket about 1.5mm. It my be worth checking motor/frame dimensions. There are posts on here too...
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    PreciAlp Website ???

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. My contacts in Europe have faded in recent years so asking a friend would be tricky. Yes I could try phoning them but having already sent two separate messages, one from the website contact page and the other to the listed email, it seems to me they do not want...
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    PreciAlp Website ???

    You guys are probably correct, but it would be helpful to put a note on their website somewhere. Still no reply to my emails..... It is a shame as they are currently having a sale and have stock !! I was particularly interested in the Preci bling ring as it has 1.5mm more offset and is (was ?)...
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    PreciAlp Website ???

    I've been trying to order a chainring from these guys but their website will not allow this with either paypal or signing in on an account. An email was sent but no response so far after a few days. Can anyone shed light on this ? Thanks
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    Rechargeable heated gloves

    Heated grips are great at keeping the inside of your hands warm but less so the outside. The solution on a motorcycle is to turn up the power but this would be more difficult on a bicycle. I still think handlebar muffs would be good solution.
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    BBS02b Failure

    As the motor is in line of fire from the front wheel, some sort of shield would go a long way to reduce ingress I think.
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    40T Chainring from Precialps

    That's interesting, thanks. Will have a ponder.