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    bargain tubeless airblast pump £34.99

    just ordered as well, good price.
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    electricbikeconversions have the closed

    bought a 500w 27.5 rear wheel kit from them in april, my mate was going to buy a kit from them last month but they had no stock.
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    Wider tyres for grip and comfort

    just fitted a pair of schwalbe motor-x 27.5x2.8 really smooth on the road at 30psi.
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    boardman 650b with 500w rear wheel,

    boardman 650b with 500w rear wheel,
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    ebco trekking tr60 250w

    ebco trekking tr60 250w
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    kt-lcd3 faulty

    hi thanks for the quick reply, i think that the lcd is kaput i'll just wait for the new one to arrive. i disconnected the green and yellow wires which are the up and down levels leaving the black and red to the power on button, still the same. maybe try another switch on the power wires. Derek
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    kt-lcd3 faulty

    i have a fault with remote switch, it was ok till one day when i was using the bike. i could power the display on but the power assist level was not advancing up, i pressed the up button several times then i pressed the on button and it went up through the levels. then i tried the down button...
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    How do I remove the speed restriction on ebco UCR 10 please?

    i recently bought the ebco tr60 trekking e bike, i also have the logix line diagnostic tool and the logix software. i was hoping to increase the speed on my bike but the software wont let me do it.