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    Help! New to E-mtb, looking for advice haibike sduro fullseven v giant stance e+ 2 v focus jam2

    Bob275, You won't go far wrong with the Haibike Sduro Full Seven if my own experiences are anything to go by: Also test ride the Giant Stance e+ 2 and then make your...
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    Replacement ebike

    A Woosh Camino (arriving mid-August) with 17 ah battery at £1099 would be one option:
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    Oxygen e-bike is the best bike on GBP 1,500.00 range?

    londonbrl, This almost new Oxygen ST (currently with no bid at £850) has the 13 ah battery and cable disc brakes: Spend up to £200 on converting to hydraulic discs and you are still...
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    New wanna be owner

    Devondumpling, The Woosh Santana CD (crank drive) is definitely the one for hill climbing, not the Santana 3 (hub drive). Extract from Woosh: Why choose a chain drive? A hub motor can only deliver around 20-35NM torque - fine for flat roads but on steep...
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    Aldi Cycling Specialbuys-Starts Thursday 9th May 2019

    Aldi's Cycling Specialbuys are here again, including an excellent bike stand (30kg max) at £24.99:
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    Hi - New Ebike User - HaiBike Sduro FullSeven 3.0

    Santiniuk, I have the same model Haibike and I am very pleased with it. My Haibike dealer also recommended going tubeless. Tape the rims and use Muc-Off sealant.
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    Hi everyone

    Good afternoon Dave, I think a lot of cyclists and pedelecers would like to have a mobile bike shop on speed-dial. I suspect that your assembly service would be very useful for those who have purchased their first bike in a box.
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    Cyclotricity stealth 1000w

    Romoletto78, You may be waiting for some time for Cyclotricity's reply, according to posters on here: As vfr400 has mentioned, aftermarket racks and mudguards are generally available, so I suggest that you do your own searches and...
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    Cyclotricity stealth 1000w

    Romoletto78, I suggest that you ask Cyclotricity about the rack (see attached photo). Here is one link: Mudguards are generally available, depending on your personal preference.
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    Voodoo Zobob E

    Tape up the rims and then use Muc-Off tyre sealant or similar: The sealant is...
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    Hybrid cars

    You are absolutely right. The combination of older ebike riders who generally have less than perfect hearing and near silent electric cars makes a potentially lethal mix. Instead of the car driver saying, "Sorry mate, I didn't see you", it will be the bike rider (assuming he/she survived)...
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    Freego Raptor & Battery Pack

    The Raptor's battery is 24v, 5.5 ah, but sometimes two of these batteries are used. Have a look at this thread featuring the Raptor battery: Post #20 gives one suggestion for a suitable 24v battery. You could also try Jimmy at Insat...
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    Cycling Gear

    Includes the £24.99 Crivit Bike Workstand: Max load is about 30 kgs, but in any event it is advisable to remove the battery first to avoid joining Rupture Club.