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    Bafang PAS vs Throttle

    Here is a guide on programming the Bafang mid drive. It's a little hard to digest for newcomers to the programming side of things, but will give you an insight into what each parameter does. Programming the...
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    Bafang PAS vs Throttle

    You'll need a programming cable as mentioned in this thread: Then you'll be able to programme the PAS and throttle to function like you want.
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    White Lightning Clean Ride, anyone use it?

    I use one of these bike stands to lift the rear wheel off the floor, when using the chain cleaner or lubing the chain: Bike stand suitable for BBS01, BBS02 and BBSHD
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    Ebikes and the Unfit Very Heavy Rider - A Cautionary Tale for Newcomers

    I agree with vfr400. You have to look at the bigger picture and buy accordingly. If you are on the heavier end of the scale, then a legal 250w hub motor is simply not suitable for hill climbing without a lot of human power. Whereas, a BBS01 250w with the correct gearing (42T chainring/32T+...
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    White Lightning Clean Ride, anyone use it? I use this one because it is very good in dry conditions, but not so great on muddy terrain. I have read good reviews about the Clean Ride and thought it might be better suited for the drivetrain.
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    White Lightning Clean Ride, anyone use it?

    Thinking of swapping my lube of choice over to this stuff. Does anyone use it, or something similar, and what are your experiences?
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    Where to get Statorade Ferrotec APG1110 in UK

    What's the max amp rating of your controller? I've read, over on Endless Sphere, that riders who use that stuff in their hubs are running monster amps. It's unlikely you'll need to cool your set-up down, plus you may have the problem of the fluid leaking out of the axle bearings or casing seals.
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    What is everyone's opinion on this set up?

    You can stay legal by going for a BBS01 250w instead. There are certain tweaks that can be done with a programming cable, that will improve hill climbing whilst keeping it legal. See link below for cable reference, plus other additions that can make the BBSxx series nicer to ride...
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    Chainsuck and one way to solve the problem

    Had the joy :rolleyes: of getting to test this device yesterday, whilst totally underestimating how utterly muddy the local tracks were. The bike was caked in thick, grinding paste type mud. Whereas before, I would have certainly had to limp home with chainsuck issues, the bike ran on with no...
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    shark batteries
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    shark batteries

    As long as it has decent branded cells, then it'll be good for going long distances and should have a long lifespan.
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    Where are the Batteries UK

    I would say just stick with a major brand, LG, Panasonic, Sanyo, Samsung or Sony. Read the specs of the particular cells used in the battery and make sure that the parallel group exceeds the maximum current you are likely to draw. E.g. a controller rated at 30 amp maximum, will require a...
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    Where are the Batteries UK I've bought two batteries from them before. They are slow to reply to emails, but apart from that, are a well established and reliable vendor.
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    After market bbsxx crank drive gear

    1. Lekkie bling rings 2. The programming cable 3. The gear shift sensor 4. Eggrider LCD and programmable system 5. Lekkie buzz bars 6. Installation and maintenance tool 7. AeroShell Grease 22 (for final drive regreasing) 8. DPC-14 colour display (the voltage and current reading is a useful...
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    Chainsuck and one way to solve the problem

    I would guess that the majority of forum members may not even know what chainsuck is, or ever experienced this annoying phenomenon. Here is a link to explain what it is and the reasons why chainsuck may occur: For...