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    Which battery supplier?

    Thanks. Do batteries like that last OK? I recall the early lithium battery problems: have they all been solved now?
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    Which battery supplier?

    Well, it's a 12-year old kit, so maybe old tech might fit with it! It's a Tongxin motor. It will have a new controller from Tongxin as the old one has got mislaid while the kit has been stored. The Ping battery performed well. It was still working after about 9 years of light, regular use...
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    Which battery supplier?

    Which are the best suppliers for a new battery, for a conversion kit bike? I bought a couple of Ping LiFePO4 batteries from Ping about 12 years ago. I see his site is still going ( Is that still a good source, or are there other options people use nowadays? I'm looking for...
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    Replacement controller for Tongxin motor

    Thanks. The original tongxin controllers (c.15 years ago) were prone to blowing: I had a couple go. But I agree, best not to put too much current through the motor. Mine is sensorless. I'll look into those suggestions, much appreciated.
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    Replacement controller for Tongxin motor

    Can anyone suggest a suitable controller for a 36v Tongxin? My kit has been disassembled for a couple of years and, when I went to set it up, the controller had disappeared. I don't need anything fancy, just robust enough not to blow on normal use. Waterproof would be good too, but not essential.
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    Ping Battery - how to avoid charger mishaps?

    What you need to do is to fit a separate pair of connectors of a different type for charging and for charging. On mine I have used powerpoles for discharging and Tamiya for charging. That way you will never connect the wrong one!
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    Electric bike spotted in Albania

    I've just got back from a cycling trip to Albania, and can report an electric bike sighting. It was in the town of Berat, in the middle of the country. A rear hub motor model, blue with a silver battery behind the seat tube, looking a bit like a Synergy Mistral. A tidy looking bike which...
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    2 Tongxin kits + 1 Ping battery + controller

    I still have everything. Been away for a couple of weeks so not done anything to split it up yet! Frank
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    2 Tongxin kits + 1 Ping battery + controller

    Stewart, Just sent you a PM Frank
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    2 Tongxin kits + 1 Ping battery + controller

    Thanks to everyone who has contacted me with offers for some of the parts. I would rather get rid of everything though! So I'll leave it up for another week or so to see if anyone wants it all. Frank
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    2 Tongxin kits + 1 Ping battery + controller

    SOLD - 2 Tongxin kits + 1 Ping battery + controller Now sold - thanks to everyone for interest My electric biking days are over for the time being (because I nowadays do lots of non-electric cycling) and I need to tidy up my garage, so I'd like to sell my stock of kits / bits and battery...
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    last few days to send your response

    I just came across CTC's response to the consultation. There is a link to it here. FWIW they are arguing for low speed throttle control to be retained. Frank
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    Blimey, these controllers don't half get hot.

    Watch out that your controller hasn't already been damaged by the heating. My experience has been that, while the controller might not blow when used for an extended time at full throttle and having got hot, it can go the next time it is used!
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    Who Really Makes Electric Bikes?

    As emissions-free points out, it's certainly the same with non-electric bikes. There is a great article on the web which I can never find when I want to which explains that the frames for most of the Italian carbon fibre bikes that racing cyclists pay £x,000 for are made by either Giant or...
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    Helmet debate... new twist

    Surely the burden of proof lies with those who advocate a measure as having a positive impact on safety - be it a helmet, a suit of armour, lucky charm or whatever, not one who happens to be passing and highlights the fatal flaw? The emperor has to prove he is wearing clothes if he appears...