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    Oxydrive battery replacement

    Hi Neal, Sorry, but is the controller in the display or the battery? Cheers, G
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    Oxydrive battery replacement

    Hi Neal, Would it be possible to use a different 36v battery, If I soldered the connectors into a new rail? Have built a few BBSHDs , changed them for PEEK gears etc but electrics are not my thing. Many thanks, G
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    Oxydrive battery replacement

    Hi, Does anyone know where I could buy a 13ah 36v battery, that would fit this rail in the UK please? It is from an Oxydrive kit. Many thanks, G
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    Tiger Hark port cover

    Hi, the port cover on my Tigershark battery has broken. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement please? Cheers, G
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    BBSHD in the UK

    Does anyone have a BBSHD kit and and 52v battery at least 14ah for sale in the UK please?
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    What else should you upgrade when fitting a motor?

    Oh yeah, a rear view mirror is always a good idea if you are on the road :-)
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    What else should you upgrade when fitting a motor?

    A Gear sensor, which cuts power when you change gear, stops gears crunching. A steel rear cassette. Suspension seat post is always good, you'll be hitting potholes much quicker. Carry a set of Allen keys, especially the one that fits the Crank arms, they always seem to come loose.
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    Tiger Shark 52v pack

    Hi, does anyone know where I can get hold of a 52v 14ah Tiger Shark pack in the UK please? Cheers, G
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    Email address for Unit Pack Power Germany

    Hi, Does anyone have the email for Unit Pack Power In Germany please? Live on an Island, so need to contact them direct for delivery, Many thanks, Gareth
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    BBSHD failing under load after Nylon gear replacement

    Hi and thank you for the reply. The old gear is toast, disintegrated. Will try and have a look, maybe I put it in the wrong way up, it's a bit vague as to which way it should go. Any info on that, greatly appreciated. Thanks once again, G
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    BBSHD failing under load after Nylon gear replacement

    Hi, changed the Nylon gear which had failed on my BBSHD , after around 4000 miles, good innings. Had a problem, the controller turns off after a couple of revolutions, re boot the battery and controller, works for a couple of revolutions, then off again. Rebuilt the motor, checked connections...
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    Hi, thanks for replying. Tried the battery on an identical bike, the same problem, so guessing it must be a battery issue.
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    Hi,changed the nylon gear in my BBSHD and battery stopped working. It's a Shark pack. Had the cells checked, all ok.Now I'll turn on, diplay comes on, one pedal revolution, it turns off. Turn the battery off an on, same thing happens. Could this be a BMS issue.Thanks in advance, G
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    E bike Battery repair

    Thanks Folks :-)