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    10,000 and it's still fun!

    I am shocked, horrified and appalled that non of those children are wearing helmets:eek: ....only joking, lets not start that one again:D
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    Cycle helmet wearers are reckless

    Flecc. I hope your luck / skill holds out as this forum would be boring without your posts :D.
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    Cycle helmet wearers are reckless

    About 5 years ago I had a head on collision with a van (white van man ) on my motorbike because he cut the corner on the bend. I would have had to have been god himself to have predicted the accident, irrespective of how much no claims I might have it was unavoidable on my behalf. I know we are...
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    Cyclamatic Power Plus Electric Bike £399

    Dont know if this is any good but certainly seems cheap. says reduced from £1000, look forward to your comments Cyclamatic Power Plus Electric Bike - Welcome to the Future - The Sports HQ What the blurb says Cyclamatic Power Plus Electric Bike Until this point, electric bikes...
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    folding paratrooper video Montague Electric Folding MTB Just noticed Steve at has put some video on there putting my folding paratrooper through its paces (well not actually mine but close enough). Cool makes me want to shoot some, although me falling on my ar*e...
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    Quick release cable thingies

    Thanks Flecc Ordered some, could have shopped around to try and get cheaper but £5 if it solves my problem worth every penny. Cheers Halflife
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    Quick release cable thingies

    I have a spare back wheel for my bike (without motor). And I would like to get another front wheel and fit knobblies so that I can convert my MTB back to std from time to time. Currently the controller is bolted under the saddle so I was thinking i would get another post and saddle to do a quick...
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    Schwalbe Snow Stud Tyre Problem

    Just curious, doesn't fitting studded snow tires when there is no snow not cause a problem on tarmac? I would have thought like car snow tires they are worse than standard tires when there is no snow?
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    Continental Contact Security 08 - £14.99

    Bit late sorry but here are some photos of tyres fitted. Not sure about the white walling:cool: but huge difference in the way the bike rides. Took a while to come though:mad:
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    I have also been impressed with the Aldi gloves, they do not really seem that thick so was not expecting much, but they are waterproof and do a good job of keeping the cold at bay. The Gel inserts seem to make the ride a little more comfortable as well. I cannot remember exactly now but i am...
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    Continental Contact Security 08 - £14.99

    Hi Just had my 7th puncture in 700 miles and now had enough? The tyre is very difficult to get off the back rim for some reason and to make matters worse I was 5 miles from home and my pump didn't work. Gave up and called in the rescue brigade (girlfriends mum and dad) to come and collect me...
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    Back wheel wobble

    My bike had a wobble in the back wheel but on closer examination it was only in the tyre. Changed the tyre and the problem went away. I think I may have previously put the wrong size tube in though:eek: and distorted the tyre in some way.
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    How far do you ride?

    Same here, 18mile round trip most days with quite a few hills thrown in. Longest trip so far has been when I was on holiday. 43 miles on single charge. Plenty of pedaling though.:D
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    Any reliable electric kits at all ?

    I have a heinzmann on my paratrooper. Don't know of any issues with it (someone may know something I don't of course). 600 miles so far and no issues Halflife
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    where can i get bike insurance

    Swinton have just charged me £18.50 to ensure my paratrooper equiped with Heinzmann kit for £1200 (I never bother to ensure to the full value with the battery as I would never leave it on the bike. There are no conditions to this that I can see and I have the spec of the bike written into the...