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    hello from czech republic

    Welcome and a very good choice. Enjoy your stay here
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    An hello from Gerald

    Welcome and good to see that people are coming back in cycling.
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    hello everybody

    Nice bike. Welcome and hope you will enjoy your stay here
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    Old Dog, new tricks

    Welcome to the forum
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    Case studies - how has your electric bike changed your life?

    Nice and knowledgeable information shares. I learnt a lot thanks for sharing.
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    Need help on new tyres

    visit your nearest store.
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    another bike

    I suggest you to visit the nearest store.
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    Where Do You Live V2.0

    Thanks. Looking forward to it
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    Electric Trike for Disabled Friend

    Nice to see. I am learning a lot from this
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    Haibike sDuro Hard Seven or Trekking

    Nice information guys. Thanks for sharing
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    Help! Which bike for 6 mile hilly commute

    Check the internet. It might help there is a variety of bikes over there.
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    Newbie from Derbyshire!

    visit the local shop near by it might help
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    Opinions Please.....?

    I like the both and it is difficult to choose the one. So in my opinion you should try the different one. There are some cool electric bikes out there. I would suggest you to take a look on those too. I really like the city deluxe electric bike which you can see on the following link...
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    Where Do You Live V2.0

    Manchester UK
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    Help for purchasing a hybrid bike please!

    Thanks Croxden. Looking forward to it