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    Cheap ebay solid tires

    If it’s pinch flats you’re suffering, go tubeless. Virtually eliminates pinch flats.
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    Looking to buy, at Ezebike £1.3k and Argos Chinese £550 any suggestions

    £1300 for that Ezebike monstrousity? Looks like it's been knocked up in someone's shed. If you've got £1300 to spend give your money to a reliable trusted brand.
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    Anyone getting bored with their bikes.....

    ...maybe get an upgrade with these 'hover glide' shoes!! Magic shoes Don't think I'm brave enough!
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    Help! Winter is eating my bike alive.

    Surprised you havent heard of ACF50 as I believe it was originally designed for, and used in, the aviation industry before becoming more mainstream.
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    What do people think of this e-bike?

    I was looking at this one. In the end the low gear ratio and the numerous complaints about it being useless in the wet (bike cuts out) put me off.
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    Help! Winter is eating my bike alive.

    Wicky beat me to it! Clean the bike off and then coat it in ACF50, leave it on and a layer of winter crud will form over it but it will be throughly protected. Been using it on my bikes and motorbikes for years with no issues.
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    Heads-up! 2019 Ebco centre-drive e-bikes £1099 (£500 off).

    I don't think the fact you like your bike has ever been in doubt but there are issues with the MH-05 version I'm afraid, that's what we are talking about. I wouldn't comment or try to discredit your view of the USR-55, as I've never ridden it. If you're happy with it, that's the main thing.
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    This review on the crossfuse.

    Michael, I had the Cube Hybrid One which also had the same Bosch mid-drive as the Crossfire I believe. You can comfortably pedal it over 15.5mph with no issues.
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    Heads-up! 2019 Ebco centre-drive e-bikes £1099 (£500 off).

    Cyclebuddy, I actually find this quite offensive. With respect you've never owned this bike and yet seem to have more knowledge than people who have owned and used it. The Halfords reviews tell you nothing, if you've never owned an ebike before of course it would seem great (as I'm sure we all...
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    Heads-up! 2019 Ebco centre-drive e-bikes £1099 (£500 off).

    Hi, I dont think its so much the fact it cuts off abruptly rather than in phases, they all seem to just cut off however where the EBCO bike scores so poorly is that when the power cuts the bike becomes very difficult to pedal. On other bikes the power cuts above legal limits but they continue to...
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    First conversion - advice needed!

    At 25 miles each way you're probably at the limit of what most bikes could give you battery wise, unless your route is very flat or you are just engaging minimum asistance.
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    Heads-up! 2019 Ebco centre-drive e-bikes £1099 (£500 off).

    You say that the 15.5mph cut off is not the bikes fault but I would disagree with that. All of the bikes I've had have had the legal cut off but none have implemented it as harshly as the Tranzx motor. Makes the experience a bit too much like hard work for anyone whos natural pace is above...
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    Ebco ebikes.

    Probably saved yourself a load of grief. What are you going to go for now?
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    Ebco ebikes.

    I'm sorry to hear that my experience wasnt a 'one of'. You can adjust the trim, but I found that it didnt make much difference. But I agree you wouldnt want to get stuck anywhere with a flat battery, it was a real deal breaker for me. Especially with the odd battery meter I never felt confident...