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    New bike for daily commute

    I had no issues using cycle2work voucher and topping up 1k myself using Evans.
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    Hello from Gloucester!

    Hi, tried to get a map up but struggling unless you follow me on strava. Also happy to meet up and ride the route with you. Thanks for the help mark but I'm a bit of a technophobe. Might get Mrs G on it.
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    Hello from Gloucester!

    Sorry trying to copy my Strava. Will give it ago agsin
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    Hello from Gloucester!

    Hi, I've got a Cube reaction hybrid pro 400 and commute the other way round to you, Stroud to Glos. I bought mine from Evans in Cheltenham for £1800. I take my charger to work and love the commute via Slad, Sheepscombe, and Cranham. I keep off the main roads as much as possible and tend to go on...
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    Forest of Dean commuter

    Hi Mark, sounds like a good idea. Maybe a list of cafes or shops that are willing to let people charge up for a small fee. Your welcome to come over to Stroud to charge up if you ever head out this way.
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    kTM enquiry

    Hi, does anyone have any experience with KTM bikes? Ive been looking and trying lots of e bikes recently and just came across a local KTM supplier so hoping to test one soon. Thanks