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    Experiences with Open Source Firmware on the Tongsheng TSDZ2

    Think I need to try this! Do you have a link?
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    Experiences with Open Source Firmware on the Tongsheng TSDZ2

    Hiya Frodo! It sounds like your experience in emtb mode is similar to mine. If truth be known I haven't messed around with the settings any further yet although the house has another laptop so I could at some point. I have grown used to how it currently performs. On a fresh battery level 1 is...
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    Admins Please Remove This

    "...If coming on to a forum one needs to learn to grow a thicker skin and to constructively come back at those you feel were being arsy." So what next? Wear a cycle helmet before posting?
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    Admins Please Remove This

    @Wulf_Van_Cleef Sorry you feel like that. I understand tbh. Have sent you a DM with some hopefully helpful advice x
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    48V lights - suggestions?

    Nooo worries. Fuse? I used an inline micro fuse >>> ...and squeezed it into the base of the battery with the other.
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    Daytime flashing front light: good or bad idea?

    Yep, but passengers of other vehicles? Pedestrians? And just googled. It is a thing Peeps. >>>
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    Daytime flashing front light: good or bad idea?

    Not a fan of flashing lights tbh and re headlights in particular, have seen some pretty distracting ones. Have read some (albeit anecdotal) mentions on social media of flashing bike lights not being kind to those with epilepsy. Whether just in terms of causing anxiety rather than fits I dunno.
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    Rear rack battery holder

    Yay glad you are enjoying it! When you get to around 200miles double check the crank bolts. Mine started creaking & needed a nip up. Am well into the 400s now and so far so good.
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    Help! Building eBike for my partner

    Kudos for carrying those planks of wood! Unless you particularly want a build project or there is a particular bike she would like electrified, I would be tempted to buy a new one & get out riding but best of luck with whichever route you take. Isla x
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    Hello world...

    P.S: have just had a look at one of the screenshots from when I changed the firmware on my Tongsheng. It looks like there is a setting to use the motor as a cadence sensing system (as is the Bafang) May be worth asking the Empowered People peeps about that too x
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    TSDZ2 - remember last power assist setting after restart?

    I don't think you can. What you can do is program higher assist for the settings, i.e make eco mode more powerful, although it's only a few button presses to increase the assistance whenever you switch it on...not worth the faff & increased danger imo
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    Hello world...

    Hey lovely bicycle you have there! I have Magura rim brakes on my eBike. Your frame does not have posts to mount them on in any case tho and I can see how much you will be missing the coaster brake - I bet stopping a heavy cycle & trailer with caliper brakes is not fun :( The main difference...
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    eBike subsidies in the news
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    Help! Tongsheng TSDZ2 power gone

    Yep all of this. Begin as they guide you by reading what firmware is currently flashed onto it - comparing that with the standard firmware (view it in a text editor, i.e Notepad in Windows) will tell you if that is the issue. This also tests your programming lead & pc so is worthwhile.