1. K

    For Sale ByoCycles Zest bike, battery not charging

    My ByoCycles Zest bike is about 6 years old. During the COVID-19 lockdown period, I failed to use it and to keep charging it. The battery accepted no charge at all when I tried to use it again despite severalattempts. I have not ascertained whetherthe battery has just failed or been used up...
  2. CycleEye

    My battery range: is it normal?

    Hi there, I'm pretty new to e-bikes and batteries. I've recently built a steel frame road bike commuter conversion (rear hub). It's working nicely, but my battery seemed to run down alarmingly quickly today and I'm trying to work out if it's normal or not. These are the specs: A 48V 15Ah /...
  3. A

    Lithium vs. Lead Acid: Debunking the Top 3 Lithium Battery Myths

    I was recently sent this link, with the above title, which I find both informative and useful for our hobby. If you yourself are interested in further reading, this is the link:-...
  4. C

    Carrera Subway E Yosepower battery?

    Hi all, apologies if this is a supernewbie post! I have a carrera subway e from halfords. The battery is dead because the lipos let me down over winter. Can I use a yosepower 36v 20Ahbattery and wire it into the positive/negative terminals on the bikes controller? Is there anything that’ll...
  5. K

    Help with battery!

    Hi sorry to bother and this may sound stupid to an experienced person. I have a 48v 13ah downtube battery. Can I simply upgrade to 48v 17ah? Much appreciated!
  6. J

    London self build - tips

    Hi all, First of all i am sure there is a thread similar to what i am going to post so apologies in advance if there is. I work in London doing some pretty long hours and I'm on my feet all day. Using the tube with covid is something I really want to avoid for obvious reasons. I purchased a...
  7. B

    Battery lock

    Hi im looking to repalce the lock or get a blank key for the battery lock on an elife legacy I've attached a picture of the lock and the bike Thanks in advance
  8. Z

    Compatibility between Battery and Rear Hub electric kit

    Hello everyone, I would like to know what I should know to buy a battery for a 250W 48V rear hub. Can I buy any battery? Does the controller have something to do with this? Could I install a 1500w 21Ah battery in my 250W 48V rear hub?
  9. D

    Recon S2 - Joycube JCEB360-11.6 battery not charging

    Hello, I got a bike from the Asian company Recon. Not to be confused with the American Recon e-bike company. I've had it a few years and my battery stopped recharging. I assume it's the charger but not sure how to tell. Honestly, I'm not super technical and am looking for some guidance on what...
  10. S

    Bosch battery help needed please!

    This is a vid I made for a mate at work just to give an idea, but basically my bike is 1.2 years old bought new from a e bike shop in Bristol and now the battery won't charge and I'm getting 2 blinking lights ( 2nd and 4th). Bikes been kept in good nik, indoors at home and outdoors in a covered...
  11. K

    48v 11.6AH Battery high voltage Cut-off

    Hi All, My first post in this forum!!! My name is Kisho and nice to e-meet you all!! Hope you are doing great!!! I am having trouble with my e-bike battery. The power completely cuts out under a medium-high load. The LCD goes error 006 (low voltage error) and an off/on is required to get going...
  12. B

    Urban Mover Nimh 8ah

    Hi All, I was recently given a non running urban Mover UM44 with the older type Nimh 24v 8 ah battery. first thing I charged the battery which was showing full power on the battery indicator light when disconnected. I have checked the 24v battery after a charge which is reading just over 20v...
  13. A

    Dual-motor, dual-battery Grizzly offers a lot of ebike for the money! It will not appeal to all, and will probably need to be registered...
  14. M

    Help! Conversion kit help

    Hello everyone, I wanted to make my first electric bike. I decided to buy a conversion kit and go for 500w 36V engine. However, I am not sure if the battery I would like to buy (52V) will work with this motor. The motor I'd like to buy is this one (front): And that's the...
  15. A

    E-Bike Battery Destroys Apartment in Germany. A retired couple in Lengerich in the area of Steinfurt, stored an e-bike in their Apartment and around 19:45, it exploded and set the apartment on fire. This happened on the 6th of...
  16. M

    For Sale Gtech Battery for e-Bike, with Charging Dock

    I am selling my Gtech Battery (v2) and charging dock, which is compatible with both the Sport and City versions of the Gtech bike. It's about a year old, and has been well looked after, and still lasts pretty much as long as it did when I first got it about a year ago. Sadly, some thieves stole...
  17. G

    Built a battery, it doesn't work, now what?!

    Hi everyone, I'm fairly new to the world of ebikes. Bought a Woosh Big Bear last year and have had minimal problems with it, have since done almost 5000 miles! My only niggle is the battery life. The bike came with a 15ah battery, and I can get about 35 miles out of it. I've been looking...
  18. E

    is it legit?

    Hey, i'm searching for an ebike battery and i found this crazy one on aliexpress with crazy specs and super cheap, do you think its legit? link is attached. thanks...
  19. E

    Looking to buy a spare battery for my electric bicycle

    Hi everyone I have recently bought an electric bicycle. Is a Lombardo velardice electric mountain bike and the shape is way different compare to the old model. I had a look online can’t find someone selling this type of battery needed for my electric bicycle. I also looked online and it seems...
  20. M

    BH Neo Battery Problem

    Hello I habe a BH Emotion e bike and the battery was getting weak over years. Now i replaced all cells and build in a new BMS (not original). Now my bike works good but it doesnt show the battery level on Display. I think the bike gets the battery level out of the 8 Spring pins on the battery...