1. A

    Carrera Vengeance-E 2.0 Display Turning Off

    Hi everyone I'm new to this forum. I've joined because I've now owned a Carrera Vengeance-E 2.0 for about two months, and I've started to notice a few niggles. The main thing is that from time to time, probably about 1-3 times in a 2 hour ride, the display turns itself off completely, although...
  2. F

    Help! Carrera Vengeance E issues

    Hi I'm new to the forum and I have been searching the Web for the last few weeks trying to solve an issue I'm having with my one year old carrerra vengeance e. The handle bar controller (a bafang 790 I belive) got damaged and had water ingress I have purchased a replacement from halfords after...
  3. CdRsKuLL

    How to add a throttle to a Carrera Vengeance E Spec

    UPDATED v1.1 code (30/05/2018) Improved the pulse conversion from the throttle Improved the pulse replication from the pedal So, with the kind help from Tony at I've been able to complete this little project. :) He supplied a thumb throttle and a replacement DH Sensor which is...