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Nov 26, 2016
Crossing the Threshold.....

13,000 Miles

I have just ridden to five late duties using my Haibike to travel cross country 14 miles to work and then 10 miles home covering 120 miles, and I breached the 13,000 mile barrier when I got home on Sunday and finished last night with 13,076 miles covered.

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These rides have been interesting as my first ride in on Saturday the 13th of February was when the ground was frozen solid. Despite low temperatures the amount of battery I used on the way to work was as low as in the summer as the solid ground removed a lot of drag and allowed me to fly along with less effort.

In contrast on the way home it was cold and windy and I used more higher assist than normal to maintain my speed and my battery consumption hit a high of 52% used.

That first ride to work was really treacherous and I nearly came a cropper on more than one occasion before I took more care of the frozen ridges of mud!

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Also on one small connecting country lane I came across a domed section of the road where water had frozen solid over the full width for about 40 meters. I went across very carefully without touching the brakes, knowing that I could be dumped on the deck at any moment.

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Then the next day as things started to warm up there was in places a thin layer of cold slippery thawing mud on top of frozen ground underneath. Very slippery.

On one evening it absolutely cained it down for the whole ride home.

And each day it got muddier and muddier as the temperatures increased and the ground thawed out.

The last ride yesterday was in thick sticky mud and waterlogged ground in many sections.

I was very glad of the 2.35 mud tyre that I am running tubeless on the back, put on in October 2020, despite the extra drag it gives on the road going home and the fact that it looks like it will wear out quite fast.

I may take it off in the Spring and keep it for next Winter or just wear it out and replace. We will see. Having not run a tubeless set up before I will need to remember to put some more sealant in.

I had thought I might retire this April, but with a secure well paid job and Covid meaning I could not travel or indeed do that much if I stopped working I will wait until I have been jabbed and then review.

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Just before it gets washed, the drive train de-greased, and the chain checked for wear before oiling.

My warranty replaced motor, changed when the bike was two years old is now nearly 4 years old and has covered just over 7,000 miles.

The battery is the original one and also still working really well.
Thought my battery was doing well at 4.5 k miles.. (4 years)
Was expecting drop off by now but none that I can notice. (apart from in very cold weather, range drops 10% or so??)
Great write up. Thanks. (I have Haibike hard seven/400wh battery.. Get about 30 miles off road, always in highest setting. Can't see point in taking charged battery home?)
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Nov 7, 2015
Zlatan I think if you look after them the batteries can be very long lived, which is a good thing as Yamaha batteries are very expensive to replace.

I started on electric bikes using a ride to work scheme to buy my first one at the end of 2010. The ride to work scheme dictated that I had to buy through Evans bike shop and at that time there was hardly anything to choose from and I bought a Trek with a Bionx direct rear wheel drive with the battery incorporated in the rear rack.

It was actually quite a nice bike to ride with regenerative brakes but with all that weight over a not very substantial rear wheel it broke spokes and the shop could not get it to stop, so I was lucky to get all the money from the ride to work scheme back in a big cash lump and I was still allowed to pay it off over a year with salary sacrifice.

My next purchase using that money was much more successful, a 2011 Oxygen Emate City with a geared rear hub motor, simple cadence system and unrestricted throttle.

A Very well designed Chinese derived bike that I still have and still works really well. Being Chinese you can fix it cheaply with bits of ebay and it is closing in on its 10 year birthday.

But I always liked mountain biking and when Haibike included the Yamaha crank drive system that allowed them to offer their entry level hard tail electric bike at only a little more than the re packaged Chinese bikes being sold I wanted one and bought my Haibike sDuro in 2015.

Initially it was a learning curve of discovering that they ate rear cassettes if you changed gear unsympathetically under high power, but off road it was just great. I was lucky to get a new motor under warranty when the bearings developed play and was very careful when washing the bike after that to keep water away from the bearings of the second motor. I think over keen washing was what caused the problem with my first motor.

I am probably living on borrowed time now that the battery is about to enter its seventh year and the motor is over 7,000 miles, but I will keep riding it and see how I go. It really has proved to be a very good purchase as I am heavy and carry two full panniers and half of the 13,000 miles have been proper off road ones.


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Nov 7, 2015
Getting more miles out of my cassette.....

My Haibike does 14 miles to work cross country getting my transmission dirty, and then I ride 10 miles home on the road.

My faster ride home using higher assist levels with a dirty chain and cassette a lot of the time in my highest gear 9 that has 12 teeth can mean that I wear this gear out quite quickly.

I had previously looked on ebay to try and buy just this top gear cog but not been able to.

I had a look again recently and bingo, someone is now selling them, so I ordered one.

It took a week or two to come and almost as soon as it had arrived my chain reached its wear limit and my top gear 12 tooth cog started to show the first signs of jumping.

So today with my new replacement top gear cog, rather than changing the chain and the cassette I have changed the chain, cleaned the cassette and replaced just the 12 tooth top gear cog.

I have only given it the briefest of test rides but it seems fine. The replacement seemed to have a slightly different pattern to the teeth.

With that new 2.35 rear tyre of mine adding drag I have been turning the power up more than usual to maintain speed in top gear on my ride home.

The chain was at the wear limit in 700 miles.

A replacement top gear 12 tooth cost £3.43 delivered. Knowing that I can change it means that I do not need to nurse it quite so much.

We will have to see how long this replacement lasts.

It is still a bit of work as you have to take off the cassette.
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Nov 7, 2015
The Haibikes 6th Birthday imminently approaches.......

I rode The Haibike to work today and that will probably be my last ride before I head into the beginning of my 7th year of ownership.

A very nice blustery windy mostly sunny ride.
Ride to work March 2021 001.JPG
If that was my last ride, I have ridden 1,326 miles to work and back since March last year, and the bike has reached a total mileage of 13,144 miles.
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