GTECH E-Scent MTB - Motor Issues


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Aug 7, 2014
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Not forgetting with any hub or mid drive they all have a terminal motor rpm and when that rpm speed is reached backemf (electrical speed saturation) come in to play, current ramps down as does the speed if your legs aren't strong enough.

My Bafang CST hub I have set the speed for 16.5mph cut off and it ramps down from 16.3 to nothing at 16.5mph, once I'm traveling at 16 again the current and speed comes back. When I feel (quite easily) the ramping down, If I push harder I can in benign conditions pedal 20 mph on flatter terrain.
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Dec 16, 2019
Sorry if this is the wrong thread but I can't find the thread with a picture of the insides of the gtech controller now, but it showed what I have seen in mine - a white cable with a plug resembling an external hard drive plug on the end - could this be for programming the controller? And if so, could it be the answer to our problems with hills? No matter what I do - full leg power or "dry pedalling" - I'm defeated by long steep hills - I reach a point where there is insufficient power for me and I have to get off and push (I live in Cornwall - hilly in parts, which is why at 58yo I decided to go electric) on hills that I can still make on my 1990's Marin mtb (with a lot of effort). Kind of defeating the purpose...

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