Just collected my Cube, metal filings everywhere....what should I do?

Mar 23, 2017
I've just picked up my new bike this week from Evans Cycles, its an ex demo 2018 Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro Race.
It has only done 50 miles and in very good condition with just a couple of little marks here and there.
There was a problem with the purion display (failed pixels and illegible) so Evans sent it off to Bosch for a new replacement before I could collect the bike. They have received and fitted it and I was finally able to collect the bike this week.
The concerning thing is there were lots of metal filings visible around the battery compartment. I hoovered them out as much as possible.
around battery connector.jpg
lock area.jpg

Looking at the pictures of the bike on the Evans website, there was a sticker saying no keys, so I suspect that they have drilled the battery lock and fitted a new one.
What is alarming is they haven't cleaned up the metal filings very well at all.
I have just removed the crank and the plastic cover from the motor and there are a lot of metal filings all around the crank and inside the plastic casing.
crank before removing cover.jpg
around crank.jpg
inside plastic motor cover.jpg
I'm pretty alarmed by all these metal filings everywhere.
I can try and clean them all up.
How likely are they to do any real damage and get into the workings of the motor?

I can still reject the bike and take it back to Evans (I've got 14 days).
However, it was a bit of a bargain (just under £1500) so I'd like to keep it really (it rides brilliantly), but I don't want to keep it if there is potentially damage done to the motor (Evans have told me it has the 2 year Bosch warranty)

Evans have had to disassemble the bike in their workshop to fit the new Purion display so would have clearly seen all of the metal filings. I really can't get over how anyone could not clean them up and just leave them there! Beggars belief really.

Really disappointed this has happened, I've been saving and looking for the right bike for months.

Grateful for any advice, am I worrying unduly, should I just clean it up and stick with it, or reject it, or complain to Evans and get them to clean it up???

Thanks for any ideas.



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May 23, 2015
well you got 2 years motor warranty and it does not look like there from the motor as there everywhere so could be they just have a dirty work shop id just clean it up and get some miles on it in the next 10 days and see how it goes.
Mar 23, 2017
Thanks for your reply.
Should I just wipe it off with a rag or can I use a degreaser (I think I've read about keeping degreaser away from the motor?)
Do you know what grease I should use to put around the crank area?
Jul 13, 2017
Perthshire Scotland
I would take it back to the shop and at least "register" the fact that they are there, also get them to clean it, that way if there is a problem down the line they are aware of this.

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