Opinions about what would suit my needs greatly appriociated


Finding my (electric) wheels
Aug 29, 2021
So, I'm looking to get an Ebike for my daily commute on the cycle to work scheme my employer has. Ive cycled for a few years now but my asthma, two knee operations and general old age creeping up have got me onto ebikes. I've also had the use of a G-tech Ascent for a short while and powering up the gradients and through the head wind with the eclectics have taken the slog out and put in the pleasure of the commute again!

So I am 48 years, 6'1, 15 stone, cycle 10 miles each way to work with a couple of hills in the middle for good measure and a wind that always seems to be against me! I was wanting a hybrid style and less than 2 grand. The cycle scheme is through Halfords but I am aware the voucher can be transferred to a few other independents etc or I might consider ditching the scheme for the credit card for the right bike.

I know there are polarised opinions on the likes of Halfords but I have a guy there who has worked for them for years and is a massive keen biker himself and he has always been honest with me about the range open to me when I've bought before so I like dealing with him. I have looked at the Carrera Crossfire which I really liked but I know the reliability is a big no for me, and to his credit it is he that has suggested it wouldn't last the course with my use. He did suggest the Carerra Crossfuse which is the Bosch mid mount bike they do. I really like this and I've studied loads of customer reviews on the bike which all come out really good even ones who have had the bike over 12 months of regular riding. My only gripe on this one being that the price has gone from an original £1300 to a now £2000. £2000 is a lot of money for me and whilst I would pay it for the right bike I don't like the idea that its gone up so much for no improvement in spec etc.

So I'm just wondering what other options are out there that I might consider and if there are any particular opinions on the Crossfuse

Thanks in advance