Rio MTB - can you connect lights to controller?

Tyron Barrett

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Aug 6, 2018
Hi there,

I'm still enjoying my Rio MTB - it's a brilliant bike.

One thing I noticed from the KD58C manual is that the '+' button on the controller is shown as "Switching the lighting on/off".

If I do this on my bike it dims the display (as described in the official Woosh manual), but I assume this is similar to a car where the backlights are dimmed when the main headlights are switched on?

If this is the case, is there an output I can tap into to feed my bike's lights?

I'm thinking of upgrading my lights to more powerful equivalents and it would be very nice to have everything running from the same battery.



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May 19, 2012
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that function controls only the backlight.


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Jan 26, 2015
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Thanks, I guess the Lishui controller doesn't have the appropriate output.

This topic echos my thoughts - it seems a bit of a shame there isn't an integrated option rather than having to keep recharging three separate lots of batteries on my bike...
Today's more powerful lights need more voltage than the controller can provide. It is convenient to be able to turn lights off and on from the LCD but I decided it was better to have them on all the time and so they are hardwired to the battery supply. Turn the battery on the lights come on.