Shame about LDV


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Nov 10, 2006
Stockport, SK7
Just heard about LDV struggling to get credit. It seems such a shame from what I read about their aim to launch and Electric Van this year. I dont know if this was a publicity stunt, but it may have sold quite well in our capital....

LDV Electric Van

What do others think?



Oct 25, 2006
There is potential for e-vans and one courier company is already using e-trucks, so it would have been good to see these available.

As for LDV, as soon as one of our vehicle companies gets mixed up with overseas money it seems to be mostly downhill from there. Selling the Leyland remnants to DAF was the start of it in this case, and the current Russian owner seems disinclined to put any more cash in, which prevents the government stepping in. Understandable though, the history hasn't been good and without Royal Mail orders they'd probably have gone under years ago.

TVR, the ex sports car maker in Blackpool went this way in 2006 when another Russian owner gave up on them.