Barrio Barranco

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Nov 24, 2018
So tonight I did the conversion from tubed to tubeless for the first time ever. DT Swiss E 512 rims and the 2.35" Nobby Nics. Cleaned up everything externally, and removed the tyres/tubes/tape. Dried the wheel rims and cleaned thoroughly internally with IPA. I used "Lifeline" (CRC/Wiggle own brand) rim tape- 27mm to the 25mm rims as advised and went on pretty good, a few small bubbles but at one layer of tape pushed them over the top of the spoke holes so they will escape. Used 35mm Stans valves. Managed to get 2/3 of the tyre beading back in place against the rim walls by hand and used my home made "ghetto air blaster " - A Co-Op 2l water bottle with 2 prestas in the cap, pumped to 70 psi it got both tyres on first attempt. I used Muc-Off's sealant as it got superb reviews last summer and Merlin are doing it 1 litre for £19.50, put in 100ml per wheel. Inflated to 35psi overnight and gave them a good shake around....

Not sure what to run them at tomorrow when I go out , will be hopefully noticeably different along with the 160mm cranks.
I did weigh my front wheel when I took it off the bike and again once fully converted and I've saved a , err, whopping 35g.... The Schwalbe inner tubes are the super light variety though(good for spares I suppose)....
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May 23, 2015
but that is 70g less rolling resistance for both wheels and no flats worst that can happen is you burp the tyre of the rim with low psi but i run about 25psi on both of mine and not fell of yet.

just see how it goes ;)

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