World Economic Crisis


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Jun 16, 2007
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It seems the US wants to be bedfellows with the Chinese government .
Let's all forget about how the Chinese government oppresses its low-paid hard working people.

Obviously principals mean s**t to the moneymakers - maybe that’s why I’ll never be rich.

I’m I the only one that finds this offensive :mad:


'China and US can lead world recovery'

The US Secretary of State has said the United States and China can pull the world out of economic crisis by working together.

During her first visit as secretary of state to China, Hillary Clinton also made it clear that this took precedence over US concerns about human rights in China.

Mrs Clinton took a softer line on Chinese political and religious freedoms than in a 1995 Beijing speech in which she openly criticised the Chinese government's human rights record.

Speaking at a conference with Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, Mrs Clinton said the two would have "frank discussions on issues where we have disagreements, including human rights, Tibet, religious freedom and freedom of expression".

However, she suggested their joint efforts to spur growth in the face of the global financial crisis, to curb global climate change and to address security challenges like North Korea's nuclear weapons program came first.

"World events have given us a full and formidable agenda," she said.

"As we tackle it, the United States is committed to pursuing a positive, cooperative relationship with China, one that we believe is important to future peace, progress and prosperity for both countries and for the world."

Making her final stop on a one-week Asian trip that has also taken her to Tokyo, Jakarta and Seoul, Mrs Clinton has stressed how intertwined the US and Chinese economies are.

The United States is one of the largest buyers of Chinese exports while China, with foreign exchange reserves of about $2 trillion (£1.39tn), is the world's largest holder of US government debt.

"I appreciate greatly the Chinese government's continuing confidence in United States Treasuries. I think that's a well grounded confidence," Mrs Clinton said.

"We have every reason to believe that the United States and China will recover and that together we will help to lead the world recovery."

'China and US can lead world recovery' - Yahoo! News UK


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Dec 16, 2008
It seems the US wants to be bedfellows with the Chinese government .
Let's all forget about how the Chinese government oppresses its low-paid hard working people.

Obviously principals mean s**t to the moneymakers - maybe that’s why I’ll never be rich.

I’m I the only one that finds this offensive :mad:.
politicians spin and the ruthlessness of the free market is is always offensive but look at the bigger picture..

I am as passionate as you to want to see better rights in China, particularly as my own ancestors are Chinese (albeit from the Malaysian Chinese of my dad's family)

There are indeed very bad things going on in China, but the USA and Britain also have oppressed their workers and dissidents (Mccarthy witchhunts? KSU protests? miners strike? Battle of the Beanfield and CJA?) - so its actually very difficult for the West to berate the "backward Chinese" as they aren't stupid and know of all this history.

bear in mind also the media and campaign groups always paints the bleakest picture of every nation - many Orientals think that in England we all wear Burberry, drink, smoke, and take kilos of drugs and girls get pregnant at age 12, and that terrorist bombs happen all the time..

plus the West is now in debt to the Eastern nations due to our peopel and govts in the past getting rid of our manufacturing infrastructure...

Forget about the politicos, they are all as bad at each other and look at what rolls at street level - I know of decent young Chinese businessmen and women who build good quality open source hardware (mostly telecoms kit) in spotless factories with well treated staff, (I check up on this before purchasing specialist items I use at work)

also richer eastern nations such as Malaysia and Singapore are trying to push from their end to improve workers standards - OK these two nations aren't as free as 21st century England but no worse than the 1950s England Daily Mail readers applaud (hence why so many Brits seem to be emigrating there :rolleyes:)

and what about our e-bikes?

these are positive, as they are higher priced they give work to well run factories - their designs unite engineers of nations what once were bitter military enemies (China, Japan, Germany, the UK and Europe) and they save the environment which affects us all whatever nation or race we are...

was thinking as I was riding my Powacycle - here is a bicycle designed in Essex by a British Asian Professor and his son's family business, assembled in South China - this is a clear example of positive and useful multiculturalism and fair world trade....

There are heroes as well as villains and the heros are close to us all... Mr Ching is a hero (I did describe him as the "Jackie Chan" of ebikes :D, Dave(?) from Wisper and Dick Lai are heros, Prof Humayun and Wazz are heros Frank is a hero, Tony is a hero, there are many more others who I may have forgot or what don't post on here) - and all of us who ride decent e-bikes and encourage others can join them - that must outnumber all the silly politicians...


Oct 25, 2006
And taking a purely political view, there's a Russian dimension to this. Once sworn enemies, Russia and China have developed good relations over that last two decades with scientific and trade co-operation. Of course that's where the sudden advances in Chinese rocket and satellite launches have suddenly come from.

This isn't something that suits the USA long term, particularly since Russia also has friendly relations with that other emerging economic giant India, also like China a nuclear power. In these circumstances the USA cannot afford to stand aloof and risk becoming a small future player facing a much larger power block.

I also dislike the thought of Chinese human rights being ignored and the West doing nothing about it, but if the political situation is handled badly by the politicians it could be our children's and grandchildren's human rights under threat in future instead. That's why the UK, EU and the USA are all cosying up to China for the present, to protect our future.