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Gocycle pays employees to commute by electric bike

Folding e-bike brand Gocycle say they are the first company to introduce a scheme which will see their employees able to claim 40p for every mile e-biked to their Chessington headquarters. The company’s Surrey office employs 15 people.

Gocycle founder, Richard Thorpe, wants to inspire other businesses follow suit to help tackle pollution. Gocycle say their employees cycling 3 times per week will replace just under 40,000 miles driven annually.

Thorpe commented: “Our cities are at breaking point with traffic congestion resulting in pollution levels that are causing health problems and premature death. It is no longer acceptable to do nothing; we all a have a role to play no matter how small. At Gocycle we truly believe that e-bikes are the perfect solution to help us live healthier and more sustainable lifestyles. We can’t wait for government policy to change, and it’s no good expecting others to act first. So, we’re starting with what we can do now and taking direct action to reward our employees for making the switch to more sustainable and healthy transport.”