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Breaking/project, Giant Revive, electric & non.

Discussion in 'Electric Bike Classifieds' started by Skysurfer, Feb 17, 2017.


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    Oct 31, 2011
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    All sorts. One almost complete pedal version.
    The pedal frame was obtained a couple of years ago,, and been fitted with a cheap Tesco kid's bike fittings, but it works fine. Needs a backrest to finish.

    One electric bike in bits. The electric frame has two wheels, but no forks (they're different to the non electric version). All in all, lots to go at, the motor is the Panasonic with torque sensor, but no controller. I just want the lot gone, so any offers would be probably accepted.

    Would be a great project. Some images attached, but the pedal version is a lot better than these images show.
    South Manchester, viewing welcomed. More details on request.

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