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Cheap ON-Bike Wattage Reader

Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by Tex, Mar 18, 2010.


    Tex Finding my (electric) wheels

    Jun 14, 2009
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    Sydney, Australia
    For those curious about your combined bike /legpower wattage, I'm cross posting a mates post from another forum:

    "Power data, especially watts output, is difficult & expensive to acquire in
    my experience. Torque measuring devices like SRM, PowerTap and Quarc are
    accurate yet expensive & elaborate solutions while the iBike offers simple
    install and much lower entry level prices.

    A far cheaper & easier solution is Cyclemetrics, an iPhone app that
    effortlessly tracks your path with speed, distance, time, heading &
    altitude. It also displays estimated Maximum Watts, Average Watts, Maximum
    Watts / Kilo & Average Watts / Kilo. You can export CSV or KML files via
    Google Docs & Maps, Twitter or email. It imports US weather only at the
    moment but hopefully will be expanded to other countries as this will
    certainly be responsible for greatly improved accuracy. As for accuracy
    without weather data and without comparing it directly to my iBike, it seems
    to do a very reasonable job of estimating Watts, at a much lower cost.

    $9.99 from the iTunes AppStore."

    I've tried it and it's very cool.

    Have a handlebar i-phone mount to see it all -- see here:

    (I'n deference to you POHMIES i post a local link)

    Bicio GoRide iPhone bike mount
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