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Powabyke City Owner Reviews

Discussion in 'Electric Bike Reviews' started by Mandy, Feb 9, 2008.


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    Dec 23, 2007
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    Reviewer: Mandy

    Purchased From: Frimley Green Cycles, Hampshire

    Purchase Price: £550.00

    Time Owned: 3 Years 2months

    Local Terrain: Flat / Moderate Hills


    I bought this bike when I didn't know much about electric bikes and thought this would serve my purpose for my 10 round mile trip to work and I was right!!
    I have recently upgraded to a Wisper Works 905SE which I will be reviewing shortly and at the moment I love! But thought it only fair to place a review of the Powabyke on this forum as it is well deserved in my case.
    This bike has the staying power of an OX!!! I have had no problems with it whatsoever. Apart from the brake pads needing replacing and normal wear and tear that you would expect from any bike, this bike has been an absolute blessing!
    The battery cells were replaced by ME in November 2007 almost three years after purchase!! Got to be a record!! The batteries were purchased on the net for £60 with free postage which is a damn sight cheaper than having the battery casing sent away and the cells replaced by a company that will be willing to do this. This is quite a simple process if you have a soldering iron and the basic tools and knowledge to accomplish the task.
    The strengths therefore are the lack of maintenance.
    The staying power
    The reliability as it would never let me down apart from one puncture
    It copes with all weathers and no problems with no power cutting out or any electrical problems.
    Cables are tidy and tucked away.
    Made for the shorter person with a 24 inch wheel rather than the 26inch wheel that is normally only available in Electric bikes so the accomadation for all riders is good as Powabyke provide several models.
    Amazing Torque quick off the mark and would fly right up the ramp of our car park at work much to the amazement of the onlookers!! lol!
    No problems with steep hills whatsoever!!


    Weight of the bike may be a problem as it is consists of lead acid batteries and weighs a ton and lifting the battery on and off the bike to charge the battery indoors in wet weather was a bit of a pain for me due to back problem and inconvenience.
    However it was worth it. It would not be practical if you lived in an upper storie flat or did not have an external power point for dry weather.
    It does not go very fast if that is what you are after and will cut out at 15 mile per hour which is the legal limit and which was not often achieved. I would average about 15 mile per hour on my journeys but that was with the declines and I weigh just over 8 stone.

    Looks aren't the best but it is okay and I had many comments when I was out and about and people were interested in buying one themselves.

    Unfortunately steel frame, handle bar post and pedals are prone to rust on this older model.

    Powabyke are a consistent and quality providing product and I could not really knock this bike for trustworthyness so keep up the good work :0) Just upgrade the battery and maybe the look and position of the battery.

    Loved it and will be selling it on ebay shortlly at a 1p starting price and includes the 3 new battery cells costing £60 soldered beautifully into the casing, a cycle computer cost £30.00 as it is silver and does not match the black of the 905SE.
    Plus a lil bit of rust and a lot of Luuuuurve!!! LOL!!!


    Good reliable leccy bike although on the heavy side.
    I would make a 5 mile trip in 20 mins with motor only and pedalled also which is a bonus for this bike as you don't need to switch to pedal assist to do this and will achieve a better speed.
    However they now make this in an aliminium frame which should prove to be considerably lighter. However they still have not made one with a lithium Ion or Magnesium battery which is a little behind the times.
    If you want reliability to get you to work and go the distance and not worried about the weight then this is the bike for you!!
    Like I said, over 3 years with no problems and a battery change after 3 years with constant rides to and from work of 10 miles plus trips on a daily basis plus trips to shops etc is a plus in itself!!!!!
    The secret is to charge this battery after every ride out, this will prolong the life of the battery, obviously in my case and I would recommend this on purchasing this bike.


    Overall Rating (out of 10) : 7


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