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The amazing tonaro unicorn

Discussion in 'iReviews - Electric Bikes' started by pedalman, Mar 20, 2012.


    pedalman Just Joined

    Dec 23, 2011
    After a long and confusing search through the minefield of electric bikes. I wanted a bike that would be suitable for my needs as I suffer from Osteoarthritis in most of my joints and I can't walk far due to great pain on weight baring making me virtually housebound. I thought my days of going out to the woods were over as it was my hobby when I could walk. By chance one day whilst on the internet I discovered a site selling electric bikes it then dawned on me that I could take up my hobby again with one of these electric bikes and the search began I slipped up a couple of times and purchased two bikes that did not really measure up to what I wanted. I wanted a bike that would allow me to cycle on my good days like I used to cycle on a non-electric bike with no drag as you can get from the rear hub drives
    I wanted a bike that would be powerful enough to allow me to go up hills at walking pace so I could keep in time with my wife who is an avid walker.
    I wanted a bike that would fly up hills when it was just me and my dog Sam racing to the top
    I wanted a bike with proper wheels on the front and back after I had a nightmare with broken spokes and the trouble of trying to find replacements for the 19inch wheels.
    I wanted a bike with a throttle that would allow me to still get power when my fingers were too painful to push buttons.
    I wanted a bike that would aid me with power when I had my bad days and so it came to pass when one day I was searching the net for that elusive bike I found the Powerpedals site and the bright yellow TONARO UNICORN!! after reading the brilliant write up and description it was love at first site. I emailed the site to arrange a test drive and Phil the owner phoned me back and a date was set and on arrival Phil met me with the UNICORN and was very helpful nothing was too much trouble Phil talked me through the workings of the bike and he allowed me to then test it and WOW! it was above all my expectations it performed brilliantly and fulfilled all of my needs and more, needless to say I purchased the Tonaro Unicorn and on delivery day it arrived with Phil who personally assembled it. What service!! I was impressed. The next day and all that week I WAS OUT EVERY DAY! putting the Unicorn through a very critical test drive and it was simply amazing good strong build excellent suspension very powerful the crank drive is phenomenal almost silent even the deer came out and stared in surprise. What a bike! I am chuffed with my purchase and feel confident in the support that Phil provides and would recommend to everyone to test drive Phil's bikes as he has a variety of different models in stoke you will not be disappointed.


    funkylyn Pedelecer

    Feb 22, 2011
    South Shields, Tyne & Wear
    Hope you are still having fun Pedalman and enjoying your Unicorn to the full :)
    Great bikes and a great firm.

    Lynda :)

    scarrabri Finding my (electric) wheels

    May 14, 2011
    Stoke on Trent

    I too would like to know how the unicorn is performing ,the Tonaro range was built to impress and doesnt fail ,and i would really like to hear how shes performing and is there any thing you dont like about her and what does she really do well at etc best wishes Brian.

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