The end of BionX? - An interesting post on ES by Justin Lemire-Elmore

Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by danielrlee, Mar 2, 2018.

  1. Is that a quality system? From memory, just about every forum member that bought one wanted to change it within a couple of months of purchase.
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    I think it purports to be, but as that linked page says, the reliability is yet to be established. I've no idea why those members wanted to change, whether it was on performance or reliability.
  3. Anything that doesn't give you satisfaction is bad quality as far as you're concerned.
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    A member of the German Pedelecforum posted this "emergency solution" if you do not have a BionX battery.

    If you do that the console takes longer to react, you lose the battery gauge and the clock.

    Sadly also recuperation will not work.

    Maybe deactivating code 3774 (overvolt protection) could help?

    I assume(!!!) that battery voltage up to 60V should be possible on the "newer" BionX motors built from 2010...

    I don't now if the "soft start" function on the built in controller still works. (slow precharging of the capacitors)

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    Quick question to all knowledgable e-bikers. I bought second-hand KTM bike (with Bionx system) in SEP-16. And I got a completely new Bionx Battery at that time from the seller. I have been driving it for 1.5 years as a daily commuting bike (10km return), plus for an occasional weekend off-road ride.
    recently I took my bike for a repair (chain, brakes etc.) as I was moving to the countryside and wanted to get it refreshed. Straight after moving I started to have problems with switching the computer on the bicycle. It wouldn't switch on. It did switch on after some 20-30 times trying, and cycling was fine like it had no problems at all.
    After that cycle ride, I only managed to switch it on 2 other times, I had to cancel two rides. Now it would not switch on at all (battery is charged to full). I checked 2 cables by the motor on the back wheel (where service guy reconnect it to service chain etc.). It looked OK, but again I'm no expert.
    With reading news that Bionx has gone into administration, it seems there won't be anyone who would check/diagnose the computer problem on my bike.
    Any suggestions?
    Bike: KTM e-cross mountain bike + Bionx 36V battery. It was older generation bike and system I guessed.
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