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Batribike 2020 models stolen from lorry park

A delivery of new electric bikes has been stolen from a lorry on its way to Batribike in Lincolnshire this week. The bikes, which had come from Europe, were taken from a guarded lorry park.

The company say part of the shipment was the Vista – a brand new model for 2020 – which will make these models distinctive since there are currently no others in the UK.

None of the bikes were fitted with batteries, which fit in the frame, so the company say the thieves will be looking for a specific battery.

The team at Batribike are devastated; MD Steve Coulson said: “This is not how we wanted to announce our new model. We’ve asked our dealer network to be on the lookout. If anyone is aware of these bikes, please contact Batribike at info@batribike.com  or 01427 787774 ”.

The missing bikes are:

Batribike Delta Plus (mid motor eMTB)

Batribike Vista-S (rear hub, step-through, blue)

Batribike Vista-X (rear hub, crossbar, matt black)