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New Swytch launches on Indiegogo, raises £100k in first hour

Swytch’s new and lighter conversion kit launched this afternoon on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. After just an hour of going live, 321 backers had raised over £100k from ‘early bird’ offers on Swytch’s new kits.

Oliver Montague, CEO of Swytch, told Pedelecs that the new kit “smashed its predicted launch sales” and shortly after “crashed” Indiegogo – with some experiencing technical problems while trying to pay.

Montague said: “I think we’re the fastest funded e-bike product from the UK on Indiegogo! Whilst the volume of web traffic to buy the e-bike kit in the first hour was unexpected, it was not surprising given the growing demand from the consumer for newer technology for them be able to choose a more sustainable, environmentally friendly mode of transport. E-bikes also enable people, who were unable to enjoy cycling due to disabilities and poor health, to be able to rediscover a sport they once loved. It’s very exciting to see how popular e-bike kits have become. ”

Swytch outlined their conversion kit offers on Indiegogo: “The ‘early bird’ base price starts at $399 for the 35 km range kit, or $499 for the 50 km range kit (with upgraded battery). This is 50% off the full price of $799 (35 km) /$999 (50 km).”  Estimated shipping is from March 2020.

Two years ago Swytch Technology raised over $500k on Indiegogo for the original Swytch conversion kit. The new kit consists of a compact and lightweight hub motor wheel that replaces the original front wheel, along with a palm-sized and removable power pack that fits to the handlebars weighing 1.5kg.

More information on Swytch’s campaign can be found here.