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    R&M supercharger gx rohloff

    Hi Pwwuk - send me an online enquiry and I'll see if I can help.
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    Very confused - Looking for an electric bike

    Hi Nabs, Take a look at these two: We can fit gps tracking and speed and other upgrades if required.
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    Which bike under 1500

    Hi Yorkielass, I'm sure you'd find our York store very helpful: - and very good value.
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    E Bike Purchase

    I would recommend but I am biased :-) Ideally buy from a specialist electric bike retailer with a few years experience. Almost all traditional bike shops are selling ebikes now but for the best advice, upgrades and aftersales support a experienced specialist store...
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    Cube agree c62 hybrid e bike

    Hi Inveral, Being designed for eroad the Fazua system is light and compact and there is a performance penalty for this relative to the Bosch systems. Bosch also refer to the continuous maximum torque the motor can provide. Several system manufacturers refer to the peak torque which may only be...
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    Commuter bike for hilly Bristol

    Hi Bobo, Welcome to the site. It looks like you're aware of our Bristol store already: We should be able to help with this and also to keep your Freego going for as long as your wife wants to use it. Chris and Ben always look after their customers.
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    KTM Macina Fun 4, any reviews?

    Hi Startiblartfast, The most important things to ask the dealer are: 1. What warranty will you receive (get this written onto the receipt) 2. To run a Bosch diagnostic check and report and ask them to point out the battery state of health'. Lithium batteries do not like dormancy for this period...
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    Brompton Electric Bike... Made by Brompton

    Hi Big G, I love your Brompton pic. Our Sparticle Brompton system has been used to convert Bromptons for 14 years now. Of course it has evolved over that time and when tested side by side has always kicked the performance pants off alternatives especially when it comes to reliability. Please pop...
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    Help with bike for commute

    Hi Sausages, We've got some pretty good options here: Quite a few with hub gears for lower maintenance too. Whatever you choose I'm sure you'll enjoy e-biking.
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    Advice for a true 'Gentlemans' e-bike...

    Hi Mr S, You can actually have your cake and eat it so to speak with Riese and Muller. They offer more contemporary designs but combine the Bosch Performance Line CX with hub gear options including Vario (new name for Nuvinci) and Rolhoff (now available with electronic shifting). We also offer...
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    lightweight folding e-Bike (to carry on flights of stairs)

    link to Raleigh:
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    lightweight folding e-Bike (to carry on flights of stairs)

    Hi Floorfilla, The Raleigh Stow-e-way could be a consideration - it's a really well made lightweight folder with 20" wheels and one of the best hill climbers at this price/weight. Usually weight is reduced at the price of performance but this is an exception. Another nice option is the EMU...
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    Carrera Crosspath e

    Hi HH66, We have a Bosch powered Raleigh with low maintenance hub gears (Nexus 8speed) for less than £1500:
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    Raleigh Motus Grand Tour Hub Gears

    Hi George & Ade, If you're anywhere near one of our stores: - you can trade* in your Pulse against the Motus GT hub. *You'll get more selling it privately but if you want convenience we can help.