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    Wisper Wayfarer H7 review

    Yes the LCD display needs a brightness adjuster for sure, i don't ride our Wayfarer as i have myself a Woosh Rambletta which i use to commute, so our Wayfarer is daytime use only when my partner comes out for bike rides so the lcd isn't an issue. Ours is almost a year old now and been very nice...
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    New E-Bike up to 2.5k, looking for reliability and range

    We have the new Wisper Wayfarer with a 43v 700wh battery. Brilliant bikes, just done a 30 mile ride today, still over half battery left, build quality is actually pretty decent.
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    Wisper Wayfarer H7 review

    New addition to our Wayfarer, I fitted this a couple of weeks ago over the Christmas period. It's a CycleChic front basket, my partner's been using the Wayfarer regularly for ride outs and she's very impressed with it.
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    Hello again

    Ah well I can vouch for the Rambletta too, I bought one for myself last November! It's fantastic isn't it! I've changed a few things on mine, including adding some pannier bags for commuting, so we'll see how they fair, but you can't really fault the bike for the price. Good fun!
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    how drivers see you based on the clothes you wear.

    I bought this bar end mirror from Chain reaction cycles for about £9 not thinking much of it. The view behind is wide and it stays in place on my commute. I was very sceptical about its size but it's really good.
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    how drivers see you based on the clothes you wear.

    I ride motorbikes too, there's no reason you couldn't go into the shop and buy a lightweight armoured motorbike jacket with back, shoulder and elbow protection and wear that while cycling. In fact it's probably a good idea, downside is you'll get hot wearing it tho. Check out Helmet City, it's a...
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    Help! Advice on Ebike for chronically ill human

    My Woosh Rambletta sounds like it would be worth recommending. It's a folding bike with 20" wheels, under £900 with a powerful rear hub motor and a throttle on the handlebar which once you start pedalling, can be used to take over the pedalling, i.e you can stop all pedalling and control the...
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    Can you take the rambaletta on woodland trails

    If you have to then you could, but I wouldn't recommend anything more than regular gravel paths, the 20" wheels are not very stable and react very quickly to getting knocked about on un-pathed roads, so you will need quick reactions to catch a front wheel slip. Also the folding handlebars...
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    front basket for CARRERA Crosspath E 18

    I've just this evening ordered this CycleChic Cherry Wicker Basket to go on the front of our Wisper Wayfarer.
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    New Woosh Rambletta Walk Around

    I don't think they're Kenda? My new Rambletta came with Chinese brand Chen Shin CST tyres? Same tread pattern as your photo so must be same tyre?
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    New Woosh Rambletta Walk Around

    Yep it does make sense, just didn't want to double post in different places but here's my original reply regarding the Rambletta. I noted down some battery info on my Woosh Rambletta for anyone interested. Assisted speed limit. Mode 1 speed is up to 8mph Mode 2 speed is up to 12mph Mode 3...
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    New Woosh Rambletta Walk Around

    Yes I've taken to riding in a lower mode and balancing the motor assist with the variable throttle to keep speed with my partner when we both ride out electric bikes as they are slightly different in their power assist. I did actually delete the post I wrote as I thought better to put it in my...
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    New Woosh Rambletta Walk Around

    It could be the mudguards rubbing?
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    New Woosh Rambletta Walk Around

    Tbh I can't tell if it's doing anything at all, it's sprung so hard, has little travel, and with the upright riding position it's kinda pointless imo. Much better is the suspension seat post. In time I'll look to buying a decent one as it's proven it's a worthwhile addition to the bike. I do...