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    It's not always the bike!

    My right ankle used to click when going upstairs. 3 months ago I started taking Turmeric capsules and after about 4 weeks I suddenly realised the clicking had stopped and has not come back since!!
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    48v to 52v migration

    It won't hurt it but go into the display settings and change the battery setting from 48v to UBE. UBE means detected by system You may notice that the voltage on the display does not go above 56 volts but don't worry, once your battery drops below this it will read correctly.
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    It was the MP mtb tyre. Here
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    Had a puncture yesterday in a virtually new marathon plus front tyre In the middle of the forest on a cold,rainy,foggy morning. Luckily I always carry a spare tube and a full set of tools including some Co2 canisters so a fairly quick fix. I found a thorn in the tyre right in the centre and...
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    Great UK BBS02 supplier.

    Yes, Genuine and this years model.
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    Great UK BBS02 supplier.

    Looking for a UK based BBS02 supplier last weekend and came across eBikeSystems on eBay. Had them on at £440 but had a website link so checked that out and it was £399 + £4.99 shipping. They also offered a headlight that plugs into the motor directly for free instead of the usual £10. Ordered...
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    Repair BBS02 Bottom bracket

    Got my new motor fitted using only the actual motor along with the old cranks and pedals and the clicking noise was still there!!! It turned out it was the pedals even though I had checked that they turned freely by hand and had no play in them. They were less than 2 months old and came with the...
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    Lekkie Bling Ring 42t - Anyone know the chainline on a 68mm BB?

    You need the chainring to clear the chainstay too. On my Cannondale Trail it just touched the chainstay but a quick tap with a hammer sorted it as we were talking les than a mm. What bike are you putting it on?
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    Repair BBS02 Bottom bracket

    My BBS02 has started making the same clicking sound. It was initially once per revolution but has just started twice per revolution now. I have ordered a new motor to replace it then will strip this one using Frank's excellent photo guide. I do have another motor but it got a bit hot running 14s...
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    handlebar cams

    I use a Chilli bullet cam Chilli Bullet cam with a 32Gb sd card. Good camera with HD recording and both handlebar and helmet mounts.
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    So... How much should I Dremel this bottom bracket?

    I always use a Dremel .Take a bit off then try it. If it doesnt go do it again until it does. Also make sure you loosen the cable guide bolt underneath first as I have known them to get in the way too.
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    Eggrider dusplay

    I have one and they are excellent especially as you can have 2 sets of settings ie one for offroad and one for onroad and its possible to lock the display so the offroad settings cannot be accessed without the phone app. I use my phone as the main display as my eyesight cant see the tiny reading...
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    BBSHD. 48 or 52 volt battery?

    52 volts will have more Wh than a 48v and a slight increase in top speed too. I run both with 2 sets of 52v batteries in a crossbar bag and a 48v in a rear rack bag. Each set is plugged in seperately so when one set gets low I unplug and put the next set in. It gets me 100 miles plus rides with...
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    What's the best bafang for my buck?

    Just because the BBSHD has 1000 watts doesn't mean you have to use them all. I use an Eggrider display and can set the maximum wattage to any value I want. Its currently set to 250 watts in road mode and 1560 watts in offroad mode. Not legal but then neither is the BBS02. Eggrider manual is here.
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    Chain lube

    I use Muc Off C3 dry lube. It comes with an ultra violet keyring torch which you shine on the chain so you can see if you have missed any!