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    Putting e-bike to bed for the duration of C-virus.

    ok thanks flecc. I have new bosch in frame battery that do not have push button, but I will just connect to charger once a week
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    Putting e-bike to bed for the duration of C-virus.

    sorry flecc, what do you mean by wake it up
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    Bosch Performance Line Motor Coming Apart

    have had a few bosch bikes now, never had a problem, would not hesitate to buy another, the only other type I might buy instead of bosch if they made them mass produced like the bosch motor would be a Panasonic motor/ebike.
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    mtbe mode

    it was evans cycles who have bosch trained mechanics, so I would imagine anywhere with bosch trained staff will be similar price
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    mtbe mode

    ok thanks for replies, think I will just persist with it, lbs quoated me £45 to change to sport, did not think it was worth it, bit of a rip off, but thanks again
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    mtbe mode

    hi all, I know this has been discussed before, just cannot remember outcome. I have a Cannondale trail 2019 bosch bike, with mtbe mode . i just do not get much out of this mode at all, i know its purpose is for technical steep short climbs, but i am 65yrs just not fit enough for that kind of...
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    bosch question

    bosch cube reaction 500 2019 model for sale on Glasgow gumtree, looking for £1500, originally £2600, says has been professionally derestricted by bosch tuningtech or whatever, thought bosch put a veto on new bosch models where you could not derestrict them anymore, but i suppose if it is a...
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    low sun

    been having 2-3 days cold but sunny weather.The thing that worries me a bit is the low sun, not so much for my own vision but the cars coming from behind, you are just hoping their vision is not impaired with the low sun and that they can see you ok. wife nearly had collision with her car and...
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    bike bus

    yes you are quite right, my mistake, I was wondering how they would get 20 bike spaces on a bus, silly me