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    Cycling. Health. Covid. Diet.

    You've posted at least 20 links with no context/comment in the previous 2 pages (I couldn't be bothered to go further back than that.) It's akin to shouting the title at passers-by. Were you add some context to your posts readers could decide if they're worthy of further investigation. Just a...
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    Your Thoughts ?

    These work well if you're after bar-end mirrors: Busch + Müller Mirror, Cycle-Star 80
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    Recommendations for non-fogging cycling googles which fit inside BMX-style helmets

    I can't recommend any goggles as such, but Muc-Off Anti-Fog works well for general anti-fogging of glasses, goggles, visors, etc. Expensive, but a bottle is good for many tens of squirts.
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    Are Expensive Bike Lights a Rip Off?!

    Excellent advice. I never knew they existed. Much appreciated, Nealh.
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    Are Expensive Bike Lights a Rip Off?!

    My worry is that at least two of those lights appear powerful enough (in lumens and spread) to dazzle oncoming traffic. They need a dip feature for road use. Do such dippable bike lights exist?
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    Old Battery Range Check

    Am I the only reader to immediately think 'Is this about how far you can travel only fueled by a box of cake'?
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    Electric scooters made road legal UK

    Not sure about the accusatory title - where's the evidence it was doing 50mph? It seems unlikely you can screw 50mph out of such a small vehicle / small volume unless it's a very expensive 'special'.
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    From the eBay advert: Magnesium Bicycle Wheels are the lightest among all of the metals used in transportation tools. They can improve potential speed, are very stylish with a comfortable ride and a lot stronger than spoke wheels as they are shock -absorbing. And from a comparison of mag/alloy...
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    Two wheel drive electric bike

    Two motors will give: - more evenly distributed weight - evenly distributed grip (both tyres are driving) - a failsafe: if one motor fails the other can keep driving However, against that the downside will be higher overall weight.
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    Cycling. Health. Covid. Diet.

    Going off-topic is a natural effect on long threads, but now you're getting a bit random. Or were you thinking of eating them? ;)
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    Noob - any flaws to my plan please?

    > any flaws to my plan please? Legality. 15.5mph is the max assisted speed in UK. However, sensible riding can mitigate that, decreasing the chances of being pulled.
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    Lithium vs. Lead Acid: Debunking the Top 3 Lithium Battery Myths

    The comparison is a good read (thanks!), but for the ebike owner it's a bit of a moot point. Lead acid batteries are too large & too heavy for the average ebike. The reason they're still in cars is that space generally isn't at a premium. Some of the more expensive motorbikes are, on the other...
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    Rear pannier rack help please.

    Maybe something like a Topeak MTX beam rack: Most seem to take 9Kgs, which should be much more than your battery weight. There are options with pannier sides too if you don't want to strap the battery directly to the rack. We have one which is...
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    How to carry a 2nd / extra battery ...

    I suspect it depends on the battery width & length, but in a waterproof bag strapped under the top tube, or on a rack. Here's a posh example for a Fazua: Crazy price.
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    Cycling. Health. Covid. Diet.

    > two most hesitant groups That's wrong. > two most hesitant 'education level' groups is correct. Rather than focus on just education* as you did, I'd say their mini-summary on page 12 is sensible: - Further investigation into hesitancy among those with a PhD is warranted. That's a good open...