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    Ebike for tall rider with Nexus gears?

    Why front hub drive? Would you not consider crank drive ie shimano, Bosch, Yamaha or Brose? There are a few that use the Nexus 7 or 8 hub gear; maybe the Raleigh Motus might be what your looking for, it's large size frame should fit you nicely.
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    Grown a Moustache!

    About 78 miles completed up to now over varied terrain from lanes to rough track and canal towpaths. First impressions are that this bike is really comfortable and capable over most surfaces. The wheels and tyre size copes well with tracks and uneven surfaces and is reassuring when suddenly...
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    Grown a Moustache!

    Hi all, made a purchase a couple of days ago, taking advantage of dealer offers on 2019 ebikes as they make way for next year's new stock. The Moustache Samedi Xroad, slightly different from my normal choice in that it's a do anything bike but more Mtb orientated in its frame design. Have only...
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    For Sale R+M Tinker City for sale

    Okay and many thanks for the reply
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    For Sale R+M Tinker City for sale

    Hi Sally, have noticed your advert for the Tinker City for sale and wondered if it has sold? I am enquiring for a friend of mine who is looking for his first ebike and likes the Tinker as he has already tried mine .(I have one of the same colour). Also we live close to you so would be easy to...
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    LIME Ebikes for London

    Don't think there's that many people that have the luxury of a garden with a shed in London.
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    What ebike would you recommend me?

    Go for one of Haibikes Trekking models, they are great do it all ebikes, good quality very durable and comfortable.
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    greetings from Matlock

    Hi and welcome, am just down the road at Burton.
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    Riese and Muller

    Yes I,m sure you,ll think it's worth it as the miles go on, it's similar to buying a car, washing machine or dishwasher etc, they are all great when new but it's how they are functioning in 3 or 5 years time that really counts!
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    Riese and Muller

    We have two R and M Tinkers, yes R and M ebikes are more expensive than some other brands but they are particularly well made with quality components and good quality control during manufacture. This equates to a better ride experience and therefore may be thought of as being better value for...
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    New Member in Sth Lincs

    Thule as well, two bike carrier onto towball, worth the money, safe and secure.
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    Struggling up hills

    The ebike will be better for the work commute though because you won't need to shower when you get there.
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    New eBikes and cyclists

    Yes, we live around about an hour from Worcester, but it is a lovely city and nice countryside around about with interesting historical houses. There's the Cotswolds nearby, but can get busy on the roads due to Birmingham not too far away. One of my favourite counties for cycling is...
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    New eBikes and cyclists

    Onbike at Worcester. Have Tinkers in stock. Relaxed environment and good service. Hope the neck pain eases soon.
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    New eBikes and cyclists

    Picked the orange Tinker up on Wednesday for MrsG, looks smashing! First run out this morning, me with a head cold and MrsG with an aching back. Did 19 miles in the sunshine with the obligatory tea stop, bikes running beautifully. Thoroughly cleaning seat post seems to have solved slippage...