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    Do we need a "Music we like" Thread"?

    Of course you are correct Danidi, the reference to English Folk and Rap was largely "Cast as a lure" to get all the English Folkies and rappers spitting feathers and trying to educate me. :) Note, I did say English Folk Music I enjoy Folk music generally (Though not my "Go To" type of music). I...
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    Suspension forks needed

    Know nothing about these bikes but could one of these (Or similar) handlebar suspension systems be made to fit? TTFN John.
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    Do we need a "Music we like" Thread"?

    We seem to have a good cross section of modern society registered here so just wondering what music (If any) you guys and gals listen to? I'm into anything apart from English Folk music (If I hear the faintest hint of a "Hey Nonny Nonny" I'm outa here), Likewise Rap. To "Almost" paraphrase...
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    Essential gear and accessories

    Not something which immediately springs to mind but if you are likely to be out in wet weather or off the beaten track..... Waterproof socks. (seriously)... I have a pair of Sealskinz and Otter brands.. Bloody fantastic. Don't bother with the ankle length, the water runs down the inside and...
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    Brexit, for once some facts.

    I think it goes back to the rather morbid custom of tipping your executioner. (Difficult to do it after the event). A good tip ensured your death was swift and (relatively) painless, failure to do this might result in a blunt axe. :eek: TTFN John.
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    bike want s to go

    Removed (Posted in wrong thread)... :rolleyes: TTFN John.
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    Brexit, for once some facts.

    Irrelevant fact but.... A tip was historically paid before the service. It's a modern acronym for "To Incur Promptness". It's still given first in many places such as shows in Las Vegas for example where the person showing you to your table is "Tipped" to get a better position rather than...
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    Frog battery has blown cant get it back in the case

    Confused now... Are these Lithium Polymer as Neil says or Lithium Ion as vfr says? If Li-on then I agree they are considerably safer than Li-po. When I returned to aeromodelling I used Li-on as they were safer in a crash, migrating to Li-po once I wasn't taking everything home in a black bag...
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    Frog battery has blown cant get it back in the case

    Ah ok, vfr, I'm not familiar with the "Frog" brand and took my lead from Neal's post (Who also has probably forgotten more about E-Bikes than I will ever learn). :) When he mentioned Lipo's I was immediately concerned about the fact the photo was (A) Taken indoors and (B) Attempts had been...
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    Frog battery has blown cant get it back in the case

    I agree vfr400 but we don't know the history of this pack. While I appreciate you have probably forgotten more about batteries, motors, controllers etc than I will ever know they can and do burst into flames and you don't want them indoors if it happens. My experience was flying (Crashing) a...
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    Frog battery has blown cant get it back in the case

    Also until you get time to follow the above advice put them outside far away from anything flammable. Seriously do not store these indoors. They won't actually explode but they will possibly "vent" (Which has much the same outcome). Trust me I've seen it happen. Don't keep them inside the...
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    Just Finished building my Wooden ebike!

    Very nice indeed, If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I wooden have believed it. :D Sorry, I'll get my coat. TTFN John.
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    electric bike computer

    Alternatively use one of the many cycling apps out there. Everyone has their favourite and plenty of opinions here.... TTFN John.
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    Ebike Commuting

    All I can say George is "Living the dream" You can't retire I look forwards to reading about your trips. My trips would start with photos of a very busy A5 with numerous uninterested car drivers trying to kill me. Don't get me wrong there are some great local nature reserves etc where I can...